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10 Pregnant Styles You’ll Want To Recreate

Some pregnant ladies have more difficulties getting dressed due to swollen feet, oversized bellies and that later stage problem of not being able to see, let alone put on, shoes.

New moms-to-be can take some advice from seasoned mothers regarding what to buy in the way of maternity apparel and which maternity clothing stores have the best fashions and price. Heed these 10 pregnant styles you’ll want to recreate for your own wardrobe.

1. Start by Combining Clothing Already in Your Closet for Cute Outfits

Most moms-to-be purchase too many or too expensive maternity clothes. Ease into the maternity wear by combining clothing already in your closet with a few maternity bottoms. Buy more later as your body changes.

2. Invest in Comfy Pants & Leggings with Stretchy Waistbands

Comfortable pants and leggings made out of softer material are going to be your go-to pieces at least in the first few months. As your belly expands and your larger tops get tight and ride high, steal a few shirts from your husband. One or two pairs of maternity jeans are must-haves.

3. Buy a Few Better Maternity Tops & Shop Bargains for Everyday Wear

Only buy a few better tops in oversize or maternity styles. Shop bargains at reliable maternity clothing stores like DressBarn – now open online. Splurge on a cute maternity dress or go for an off-the-shoulder black top to wear with everyday jeans and leggings.

5. Go for Roomy Dresses & Fold-Over Skirts with Forgiving Lines

Consider maxi-dresses or fold-over skirts that can be pulled up higher when needed. Cuts to like include A-line, empire-waists, fit and flare or side-ruched tops.

6. Invest in a Great Trench Coat or Other Classic Outerwear Pieces

Spend your bucks on something that’ll take you through most of your pregnancy. Consider a beautifully cut trench coat to wear at work, for zoom meetings and out for a nice dinner. Choose a neutral shade that mixes with other clothes.

7. Maternity & Nursing Bras with Stretchy Underwear Are Must-Buys

The most important maternity clothing purchases are maternity and nursing bras. Also buy stretchy underwear in cool fabrics.

8. Find Extra-Comfortable Supportive Shoes with Wide-Width & Low-Heels

Find a supportive low-heeled athletic shoe that’s stretchy and slips-on for those later pregnancy days. Choose a wide width in case feet swell.

9. Purchase a Maternity Belly Band & Belt

Most seasoned moms recommend a better maternity belly band. This can double as a belt for a cinched look that won’t cut-off circulation. Can wear over regular jeans leaving fly open.

10. Use Trendy & Feel-Good Accessories to Change-Up Your Look

Accessories can change-up your look and stretch wardrobes. These are fantastic for adding color and fun. Accessories can be worn later.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience that transforms a woman’s body for birth. Shop wisely to get-more-use from maternity clothing.