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5 Garage Gym Tips To Help You Train Like A Pro

Lately, gym memberships have increased in price and there are simply a lot of people at the gym at all times. If you don’t want to pay that much to work out and don’t want to deal with people there, then building a home gym can be a great solution to your problem. And there is no better place for a home gym than in your garage. To help you get started, here are a few tips that will turn that garage into a pro gym. 

Clean Out Everything

Garages are there to provide extra storage, but we usually just overfill them with junk and stuff we no longer use. So, to get started, start cleaning everything out and sort the things you’d like to keep. You can even organize a good old garage sale to get rid of things you don’t need and earn a bit of extra cash to put toward the gym. Once you’ve organized and gotten rid of things, you should start cleaning everything thoroughly. Now that the garage is empty, you can easily see spots that may need fixing and the actual space you have for your gym. 

Insulate the Space

A gym should have proper ventilation and a way to control the temperature. There will be hot summer days and you don’t want to overheat in your garage gym. And you certainly don’t want to work out in an ice-cold gym during the winter. To help you control the climate in there, you should consider insulating the garage if you already haven’t. Do some research and see what type of insulation is the best choice for this structure. You can even turn to experts like Insulation4less and they will help you pick the right insulation and do the job properly. Now that the insulation is in place, you can install proper HVAC systems to keep the temperature in your home gym at an optimum level. 

Buy Equipment That Will Last

Buying all the gym equipment does require a budget. You may be tempted to buy cheap, but that is not a great idea as such equipment won’t last very long. A cheap rack of any kind won’t be stable, and it is unsafe to use such equipment. If you are working on a budget, you can start with smaller things and work your way up. Start by getting kettlebells and dumbells as you can do a variety of exercises with them. Or you can start with a quality bar, bumpers, and a rack, and slowly start building your strength. Just make sure to get quality equipment as it will last longer and you are ensuring the safety of your gym. 

Use Horse Stall Mats for the Floors

You will also want to make sure your floors are insulated. You can’t throw down plates and weights on concrete as it is bad for both the weights and your floors. So, naturally, you are probably thinking of getting gym mats. But, gym mats are not as sturdy or cheap as horse stall mats can be. These are durable rubber floors and you can pick any size you want. They will last you a long time, they are sturdier and easy to clean. 

Get Some Music

Last but not least, you will need some music to keep you motivated to work out. You can easily set up a stereo and blast your favorite workout tunes. Additionally, you can even set up a TV where you can install apps to keep track of your progress, listen to music, and even follow online workout programs. So, don’t forget to bring some of the entertainment elements to your home gym

Working out is highly beneficial to our health, but going to a commercial gym can be overwhelming. If you’d rather work out on your own, you can easily turn your garage, or one of its corners, into a fully functional gym. All you have to do is clear everything out, work on the floors, and get quality equipment. The rest is up to you and you can start your transformation today.