Backyard Wedding Planning Made Easy

Are you planning on hosting a private, intimate, and unique wedding but you are on a budget? If so, then a backyard wedding is something to consider, especially if you have a spacious outdoor area that can accommodate a good number of guests.

To help you plan your event as efficiently as possible, we have come up with practical tips that are guaranteed to make your big day extra special.

The Location

Whether your backyard wedding will take place in your own space or at the property of a friend or family member, it’s important to make sure it is adequately sized for the number of guests you are expecting. Once you have determined the floor space, the next thing you need to find out is if it has the ability to host an event. Secure any permits (if necessary) and follow any quiet time ordinances — an angry neighbor would ruin the ambience!

The Budget

Regardless of the size of your nuptials, you still need to set the budget and do your best to stick to it. Determine how much money you have available for your backyard wedding and if you have any family members (like your parents) who would like to help with some of the expenses, i.e., photography or the dress. Firming up these details as early as possible will help make budgeting much easier and less stressful.


Part of our backyard wedding guide is about ensuring that there is enough power and electricity because you will need lighting fixtures, audio equipment, and food preparation appliances. The amount of power you will use may exceed the maximum power the house can handle. Therefore, it’s best to rent generators to provide additional power and avoid blowing fuses or putting the entire community at risk of a power interruption.


Here’s one of the most important backyard wedding tips for you. As charming as this kind of wedding is, there are no guarantees that you will have perfect weather on the day. Therefore, it’s wise to have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather disturbance. Take note of the floor space and make sure you have enough room to comfortably fit your guests. Have a sheltered space available for the ceremony, a dance floor, and a reception area. Pay attention to the weather forecast a week in advance and make provisions for canopies and tents to avoid any interruptions to the program.

Food Preparation Space

Every catering team needs an area to prepare the meal. So, any good backyard wedding guide will include this element. Talk to your caterer and let them know about any available cooking facilities before booking them. Alternatively, you can have a barbecue-style dinner or a food truck catering, both of which work well for events like these.


Not every home is equipped with enough restrooms for the use of more than twenty people. So, if your backyard wedding space needs additional toilet facilities, search for a company that provides portable toilet trailers. You want your guests to have comfortable restrooms with sufficient lighting, mirrors, working sinks, and enough space. You can level up their experience by providing small amenities kits with air fresheners, hand sanitizers, and hand soap in every bathroom.


Some neighborhoods have ample parking space; others don’t. If there isn’t enough room to park your guests’ cars, find a location where they can park with ease. Talk to a neighbor who has a large field, or maybe think about using a public parking lot. You can then hire a shuttle service company to pick up and drop off your guests. Also, consider how the parking might affect your photos, especially if there are too many cars on view – think about how the backdrop will be affected. This is one of the backyard wedding tips you’ll be thankful to have considered ahead of time.

Chairs and Tables

Depending on your theme and wedding style, you also need to make provisions for chairs and tables, especially if there are elderly people and children attending your backyard wedding. These items are essential, even when you’re serving street food or cocktails.


Your big day wouldn’t be the same without gorgeous decor complementing your whole aesthetic. Backyard weddings usually give you the liberty to unleash your creativity. You can use gorgeous flowers, soft draping, rustic yet elegant elements, and tailor an event that would be truly magical. When sourced wisely, these decorative items can cost just a fraction of the price, especially if you are renting them. For example, you can get a wall drapery rental and turn your backyard space into a real romantic fairytale!


Of course, you would need to think about the lighting options. You can use candles, lanterns, vintage bulbs, even string lights and set a whole mood. Also, to avoid all the electricity fuss, you can simply search all the Ship Our Wedding rentals that would create a statement atmosphere most beautifully and effectively.


Don’t let all the fun make you forget the need for setting things back in order. Ahead of time, draft in some willing guests for this duty. Be sure to provide cleaning materials and recycling bins to collect all the trash. Your caterer might also offer this service, so you might want to ascertain this beforehand.

Follow these tips to make your backyard wedding planning a walk in the park. For more tips, read our other articles!