How to Take Bulletproof Security Measures for VIP Personnel

Two of the most important aspects of life are safety and security. People take these for granted, yet too often a strategy for prioritizing those falls by the wayside.

The reality is that guns are a prominent part of American life. To date, nearly 400 million citizen-owned firearms exist in the United States. The result of this access to guns, unfortunately, but perhaps not surprisingly, is widespread gun violence

However, there is a simple step that you can take to increase your security measures, and that is to invest in bulletproof glass. The most secure businesses in the world have already taken these steps—banks, airports, and jewelry stores, just to name a few.

Plain and simple, people want to feel safe and secure everywhere they go. For individuals and businesses interested in improving their safety measures, here are some straightforward ways to incorporate bulletproof glass and develop a better security strategy.

Entrance and Exit Gate Security

Often when it comes to true security threats, criminals target their victims when they are most vulnerable. This is the case with kidnappers, thieves, and snipers. When people feel cozy and relaxed, they can become a target.

The problem is that to truly feel cozy and relaxed would mean you have taken the necessary security measures ahead of time. Some of the most vulnerable locations are entrance and exit gates when arriving at or leaving your home or business. This is the point where you should aim to heighten your security.

Keeping your entrances and exits on high alert can be done in multiple ways. For one, be sure you have proper gates that cannot be climbed or penetrated in any way. Security cameras would also help deter potential criminals.

Bulletproof Glass is a Must [Of Course!]

In 2011, a man with evil on his mind parked his car in Washington, D.C., just south of the White House, and then proceeded to open fire on the building. Thankfully, no one was shot. Even more thankfully, the White House was fitted with bulletproof glass, so when a bullet struck a second-story window, it did not even pierce the glass. 

The lesson here is an obvious one: Bulletproof glass is essential to strong security measures. Smart criminals do not always wait for their targets to emerge from homes, buildings, or vehicles before striking. Be sure that your safety measures include bulletproof glass in all of these locations. The bulletproof glass will not only protect you when the time comes, but also serve as a deterrent for future crime. 

Keep Changing Your Schedule and Route Frequently

Businessman travelling

One key to remaining vigilant and keeping yourself and others safe is to remain unpredictable. If you form predictable routines, such as taking the same route to and from work or the gym every day, criminals who may set their sights on you could see you as an easy target. So, be a tough target!

The best thing to do is to frequently change your schedule and routes. Leave earlier some days than others, and the next week change it up again. Occasionally take the long way home, or break up a commute with some errands. 

These practices must also be cascaded down to the rest of the family so that everyone is on the same page about who is where at what time. The last thing you want these security measures to do is to create needless worry among your own family.

Think of Your Enemy as Clever Enough While Planning Security

This may be obvious but it is also important, and so we will say it clearly: Do not take your enemies lightly. Just when you underestimate them is when they prove that you should not have taken them easily.

When putting together your security plan, be sure to think like a master planner. Think like a criminal. Identify your predict-abilities. Note any vulnerabilities that may or may not be evident to people on the outside and set yourself up for a safer life. This could be in the form of some of the things we discussed previously, such as bulletproof glass or frequent schedule changes, or this could be something completely original and unique to your situation.

Hire an Expert Security Team

If all or some of these tips on taking bulletproof security measures for you, your family, or your business seem intimidating, or you are just not sure where to start, consider hiring an expert in the security industry. Some trustworthy people and companies are trained to walk you through the various strategies to keep your home or business safe. Do not think that you need to be an expert yourself, and do not think that you need to go through it alone. Help is there if you need it.