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Laser Hair Removal: 04 things You Need to Know

Laser hair removal is a great option for those looking to go au naturel. Just be sure that you know all of the facts before going in with this treatment, as side effects can range from dry skin and acne-like breakouts all the way up to scarring or even Permanent Alopecia (the latter which would make your beautiful hairs grow back not at all).

Don’t get laser hair removal if you want a smooth mirror-image stubble-free life

The way we see it, getting rid of unwanted body hair might seem like an enticing proposition at first. But before thinking about what this means for your face and other physical features in terms of grooming habits etc., make sure that there are no side effects from using such treatments in these areas.

Sounds Painful but it is not

Laser hair removal is a simple, effective way to remove unwanted facial and body hair without the pain of waxing or shaving. Lasers work by sending light through pigment in your skin which converts into heat as it penetrates deep within each follicle where you can expect damage from this powerful laser radiation on any remaining strands – meaning those pesky hairs will soon fall out.


After your first appointment, you’ll begin to see a difference and it takes about 8-12 treatments for the full result. It’s important that each follicle has an opportunity to be zapped with this process as some may have grown past what we can treat on one visit or another stage of their development than others might not need any more treatment at all since they’re already done growing – just like kids’ vaccinations.

Not Gym for 24 Hours

You can not go to the gym for the next 24 hours. Ever wonder how fast the dirt in your body moves? If you’re a frequent gym-goer, sauna user, or have been known to take hot showers for one too long- then this might not be good news. That heat from their environment has done more than just escalate skin temperature – it made bacteria multiply and give us spotty problems! Gross right?!

The germs’ natural habitat is always changing depending on what they need: oxygen rich air may become scarce when we inhale deeply underwater so our bodies start sucking out the surrounding water with every breath until there’s absolutely no space left between breaths (this process also removes toxins). As soon as something changes around them like incoming fresh.

Get Ready

As your dermatologist will advise, it’s important to avoid the sun as much before and after treatment. This means no sitting in direct sunlight or spending time outdoors all day long! You can still work hard by wearing sunscreen.

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