The Unwritten Rules of Online Dating

You know how to hold a knife and fork in a restaurant. You understand the courteous handshake or hug upon greeting someone new. There is a proper way to conduct yourself. And having to transition these practices and mannerisms into the online sphere can be difficult. But do not worry. Here is a range of sure-fire rules to follow and help you succeed with online dating.

Practice Proper Online Dating Etiquette

Asking interesting questions is a huge part of dating. Try to get past the small talk as fast as possible and form a deeper connection with someone. 

Following this, don’t be a people pleaser. Of course, it is easy to go along with the conversation but remain true to yourself. When dating online, it can be tempting to search for information, then relay it back to a potential partner. Acting as if it is a topic you are knowledgeable about. But how long can you keep up the act when it turns to an in-person date? It is much better to avoid this. Be upfront and discuss your interests openly, whether they are similar or different. Let them know the real you. 

If you are taking online dating seriously, you must bite the bullet and send that first message. Avoid playing the waiting game. It is too easy and frankly unproductive to sit behind your screen in the hope that they text you first.

The Do’s and Don’ts

To be successful in online dating, know there are some cardinal rules to follow. You must use your own photos on your dating profile. There is someone out there for all of us and, using fake pictures is certainly no way to find them. 

A study performed in 2013 by the Pew Research Center highlighted that one-third of online daters never met anyone in person. Following this, three-quarters never managed to forge a relationship. If you refrain from matching with anyone unless you plan to converse with them can easily be avoided. 

Try not to worry or stress if someone has not replied to you. Unfortunately, being ghosted from time to time is inevitable but don’t let it consume you. Move onwards and upwards; you are still closer to finding someone special.

Make a Good First Impression 

A good first impression is possibly the most vital part of online dating. That initial message is the foundation for a real connection. Adding substance to your messages shows that you are interested. Perhaps they have a short bio or prompted questions in their description. Pick something that you see that stands out and form a conversation around it. 

Wit also goes a long way. Beginning a conversation with a joke allows you to gauge someone’s sense of humour right off the bat. If you end up without a response: no problem, on to the next. But if they reply with a one-up to your joke, you’ve hit the jackpot.

What to Avoid

More often than not a bad first impression can be recovered in a real-life situation. Although, if you fail to spark interest in the first message, online dating leaves little room for error. One wrong message can have you unmatched right on the spot. The major takeaway from this is that vulgarity won’t work. You can be flirtatious without crossing the line and appearing disrespectful. 

There is no instruction guide for online dating. It is a trial and error process. If you are struggling to find the right site or dating app, know that you can specify a potential mate’s age, race, religion or gender. Examples range from Christian dating sites to Asian dating sites, Fitness enthusiasts, and many more. Along with these do’s and don’ts and an optimistic approach to online dating, you will be able to put your best foot forward in the search for a soul mate.