Two is Better Than One: Why You Should Go to the Gym With Your Dad

You see your gym membership wasting away, draining money from your bank each month… That New Year’s resolution hasn’t worked out so well, has it? We’ll tell you why.

Going to the gym alone is awkward, lonely and uninspiring, especially as a woman. You have no one to motivate you and let’s be honest, the audiobook you have isn’t that supportive. Going solo means that there’s nobody to hold you accountable and push you to your limits.

You’re missing the gym for a lie-in as we speak, aren’t you?

If you’re still reading, we imagine that the above most certainly applies to you. So, why not jumpstart your fitness routine by going to the gym with someone you love and respect, like your dad?

Don’t dread the gym any longer – instead, open up to its physical and emotional benefits. Making any big change alone can be hard and so doing them with someone else makes it a lot easier.
Just in case you’re not convinced, let us explain…

Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition

Push yourselves! If you and your gym-buddy dad are at similar levels of fitness, you can let yourself shine with a little bit of healthy competition – ‘gymtimidation’ who?! There’s nothing like healthy competition to help you unleash your greatest potential in the gym, and, as humans, we love to show off.

By going to the gym with your dad, you’ll both feel inspired by a little competition and will most likely push yourselves further as a result.

Nobody likes an injury

If you enjoy weight lifting and some of the more heavy exercises at the gym, spotting one another is key when it comes to weight lifting. For this reason, going to the gym with someone like your dad simply makes sense – you get to stay safe and toned all at once.

Plus, your dad will be able to note down any form improvements, saving your body and your spine in the long run. How could you pass up on that?

A great way to bond

Regularly working out with your dad is a fantastic way to bond and strengthen your relationship. As we grow older, quite often we find ourselves with less and less time to spend with our parents – a huge shame!

Not only is going to the gym with your dad a great way to workout in an environment free of intimidation or nerves, but you’ll also be able to spend quality time with each other. Shop the his and hers collection from GymKing to enhance both your productivity in the gym and help you and your father bond.

Schedule your sessions

If you’re scheduling your sessions with someone you respect, you’re way less likely to forget a gym appointment – your dad is counting on you! If you don’t attend, that one ‘skip day’ turns into two and then three and so on, and the next thing you know your annual membership is down the drain and you haven’t seen your tracksuits in years.