What to Wear to College in Cool Season?

As the summer melts to fall, many of us get quite excited to redecorate our wardrobe. Though the breezy fashion of summer is cool, however, the cool winter season brings with it a number of options to choose from. Additionally, walking into your class after moving across the campus is not accompanied by sweat. With winters, you just need to think of dressing up more creatively just like you do while your paper writing classes, and you are sure to come with a number of options to wear to college.

Here, we have compiled a list of cool tips that you can follow to remain warm while maintaining style.

1. Wear Layers

Wearing layers is almost always in trend during winters. It is a practical way to dress up in the cool season, keeping yourself warm. You can try wearing a turtleneck below your sweater or your jacket, or just wear a dress or skirt over pants. This style is the trendiest and most common style while dressing up for college.

2. Show your Boots

Today, there are a number of winter boots and snow boots that are available in the market that not only keep you warm and dry but also are a great fashion statement. Show off your personal sense of style by wearing a good pair of boots that make others in the campus jealous. The boots can easily be paired with your dress or pants and are sure to compliment your clothes.

3. Belt the Coats

As the winter season goes on, you might get bored by wearing the same kind of jackets or coats every second day to the campus. You can avoid this by experimenting and adding new life to your coats. Just belt up your coat the next time you wear it to college, and you will feel a difference while wearing. This trick is sure to work with any style of coat and enhance your sense of fashion.

4. Grab the fur

Many of you might love wearing fur or faux fur, but that is not possible to wear all year round. The cool season brings with it the option to embrace the fur. It can be worn with literally any kind of clothes, and your style is definitely going to upgrade with it. So, you can add fur collars or mittens with your winter outfits.

5. Go for Winter hats

Although the first thing that one goes for and invests in is a coat or pair of boots for the winter; however, for a different style and trying out something different for college wear, you can invest in a winter hat. This would be one of the first things anyone would note about you, and you are sure to stand out from the others.

6. Try out Scarves

You can wear scarves in many different ways, and winters are a perfect season to experiment with them. You can wear it around the head, over a jacket, or even across your shoulders.

Thus, these are the different things you can try out in the cool season to remain warm as well as stylish and up to date in fashion.