Why Are Jordan Shoes So Popular?

When it comes to street fashion, few shoes are more iconic than Air Jordans. Not only are they worn by celebrities across the world, but they are also one of the most iconic sneakers in history. However, not everybody understands the shoe history behind them.

Looking for interesting shoe facts about Jordan sneakers? We’ve got a few that you should check out. Let’s dive in.

The Michael Jordan Brand Name

As you might guess, having Michael Jordan’s name associated with a sneaker is instantly going to increase its popularity. The fact that he is one of the greatest basketball players throughout all of history only further solidifies this fact. His undeniable recognizability and presence as a fan-favorite player were enough to initially drive the popularity of the sneaker when it was first released.

After all, there’s a reason why Nike approached Michael Jordan in the first place. As a 21-year-old rookie, he was able to secure a deal with Nike during his rookie season.

The rest truly is history.

Powerful Marketing

Nike is one of the largest companies in the entire world.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have a powerful marketing strategy behind every product they release. The Air Jordan is no different, and Nike fully implements its branding capabilities for the shoe. Nike has even begun marketing this sneaker to different sub-demographics despite it originating as a basketball shoe.

For instance, those who are interested in skate culture or skate fashion often include Air Jordans in their wardrobe. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a skater friend picks up a pair of Jordans when they buy new shoes.

Presence in Hip-hop Culture

For those who keep up with hip-hop culture, there is no surprise that the Air Jordan is one of the most popular shoes that hip-hop artists wear. In fact, it seems as though anyone who is even mildly involved in hip-hop culture has a pair. This includes podcast hosts, event promoters, managers, etc.

A major reason behind this stems from the fact that many people in hip-hop culture enjoy displaying wealth. Some Air Jordans are limited edition, and many are discontinued entirely. This means that it is fairly difficult to secure certain pairs.

As a result, certain pairs of sneakers are also exorbitantly expensive. In some cases, public figures in the hip-hop space might even wear customized Air Jordans that were specially designed for them. Nike also releases collaborative efforts they make with hip-hop artists.

One of the most notable is rapper Drake’s iteration of the Air Jordan 8, Air Jordan 10, and Air Jordan 12.


As previously mentioned, it’s not uncommon for Nike to discontinue certain models of Air Jordan shoes.

Most of the time, new models are released in a limited quantity. This makes it fairly difficult for people to purchase the shoe from a retail location as opposed to buying it from a reseller.

For particular popular shoes, prices can be astronomical. The factors at play here are often the specific colorway and cultural significance.

For example, an Air Jordan release with a highly popular colorway that was also a collaboration with a famous hip-hop artist is sure to resell for large amounts of money. This becomes increasingly true as time goes on.

The more time that passes since the initial release of a specific model, the more exclusive it becomes. It’s not uncommon for people to struggle to find a legitimate source for certain Air Jordan sneaker resales. Another complication to consider is the presence of scammers in the resale industry.

Put simply, having a legitimate pair of discontinued Air Jordan shoes from decades ago is not an easy task by any means. Looking for a great way to buy Jordan 1s? You can check out this resource to learn more about a safe way to do so.

Social Status

There’s something to be said about the social status associated with Air Jordan sneakers.

This mainly has to do with the shoe history associated with them. More specifically, wearing a pair of Air Jordan sneakers in a stylish way shows that you are up-to-date with contemporary fashion trends.

It also shows that you may be involved in skate culture or hip-hop culture, both of which are seen as attractive due to their rebellious nature. Of course, it’s entirely possible for the average person to wear Air Jordan sneakers with little consequence. You can be sure, though, that you will catch the eye of other individuals who are involved in these spaces.

Due to this, they make a great talking point and can also help you meet new people when you explore your local town or city.


Although Air Jordans come at a price, Nike does not skimp on quality.

They are made from premium leather and are notably sturdy. As long as you make an effort to clean them when necessary, they will likely last over a decade with little issue. Of course, you should also avoid strenuous activities while wearing them, such as hiking, skateboarding, etc.

Keep These Jordan Shoe Facts in Mind in the Future

This could help you decide whether or not you should purchase a pair for yourself. If you already own some of these iconic sneakers, these shoe facts might also convince you to add to your collection.

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