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7 Tips From Top Fitness Trainers

Losing weight and getting in shape is a common goal of many people, however, working towards achieving this goal is quite challenging. After the following fitness regimen for a few days, most people get bored, lose motivation, and drift toward the old routine. 

Many of us have a hard time getting up off the couch, therefore, making exercise and fitness a way of life seems unrealistic. If you struggle to get in shape, these top fitness trainer-approved tips will direct you on the right path.

7 Tips From Top Fitness Trainers

Fitness professionals and personal trainers know how to keep you motivated and whip you into shape. We have gathered some must-know tips to achieve fitness goals. 

Be Consistent

No fitness program or healthy diet in the world will work if you are not consistently following it. Start small, there is no need to spend hours at the gym, just 20 minutes every single day, and you will notice a world of difference. 

Once you have accommodated a fitness routine, increase the workout time and cut out fatty food for a healthier lifestyle.

Follow a Rewarding Exercise Routine

Following an effective exercise routine is essential to stay fit and get in shape. Many certified personal trainers suggest the following routine

  • Strength Training – 20 minutes of strength training a day and twice a week will work wonders to tone the body.
  • Interval Training – This time-efficient training involves walking and running for two minutes alternatively throughout the workout.
  • Cardio/Aerobic Exercise – About 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to high-intensity workout like cardio will help shed extra kilos quickly. 

Set Short-Term Realistic Goals 

Instead of setting distant goals that lead to frustration and demotivation, take one day at a time, and focus on short-term goals. You can hire a personal trainer nj for training.

If you can not run 50-mile or 100-mile yet, start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle by walking for 15 minutes a day.

Find a Workout Partner 

Find a friend, cousin, sibling, or partner to tag along, that way, you will stay motivated to get fit while enjoying each other’s company. 

Schedule Fitness Activities

It is important to choose the right workout time when you feel the most energetic and active. A morning person can spare time for fitness activities earlier in the day, whereas a night owl can exercise later in the evening to yield the best results. 

Hire a Personal Trainer 

If you can not commit to the fitness routine, hire a certified personal trainer to help you get into shape. A professional trainer will not only improve the fitness balance but also determine the exercises you need.

Healthy Diet

Along with the effective fitness routine, you got to cut out junk and fatty food from the diet if you want faster outcomes. Doing workouts regularly while eating unhealthy will not bring any fruitful results.

In Summary

The last and most important tip is to be patient, you are not going to see results instantly even if you follow all the aforementioned tips. Do not give up, be consistent, and eat a healthy diet to see solid results.