How to Avoid Online Scams

Online markets are booming these days. People seem to buy everything from the internet thanks to the comfort and comparing options it provides. But like with every other business these days, online scams are also on a rise.

Other types of such scams are also becoming more common. Read this article to know about these scams beforehand, we’ve also suggested a way to prevent these scams at the very end, so, keep on reading.

The Nigerian Scam

The scam is after the country of its origin, Nigeria. This is because of the failure of the Nigerian law enforcement authorities that this notorious scam is still booming.

The scam usually includes an email or a message mentioning that a wealthy person from some Nigerian family is willing to give you all his money for some emotional reason (as mentioned in the email). But they’ll ask for you to make a small transaction into one of their bank or PayPal accounts to conform your details.

How to detect scam? Well, after reading the paragraph above, you should now be able to easily recognize this old scam, but, if you’re still tempted, you can use a people search website to get the details of the mentioned person.

Fake Bank Calls And Messages

These type of calls and messages have become a norm lately. You might get a call or a message from a number that looks like your bank’s contact number. The person on the other side would start asking your personal details like your credit card details and stuff.

Know that no bank employee id permitted to ask for your credit card details directly. If it happens to you. Instantly go to a people search website and input the contact to trace its origin. This way you can see where it’s coming from.

Tax Call Scam

Tax calls are another big thing. Many people actually fall into trap pretty fast. This involves a complete stranger (most probably from another country) calling you and pretending that he is a tax officer. He’d give you some of your personal details (that everyone can easily extract) to make you believe that he’s legit.

The person would know start blackmailing you that you have some pending tax payments, and that you can run into trouble if you don’t pay the tax. They will later ask you to bribe them to get the issue resolved. Of you ever get into this situation, do some people search to conform that it’s a scam, and then let the law enforcement agencies know about this.

Online Dating Scam

Most of the online dating sites nowadays don’t conform the identities of the applicants, it allows the scammers to take the benefit.

Someone with a fake online dating profile can message you and ask you to meet up at some place. They can then trace you on the way and rob you. To avoid this embarrassing situation, use people search and conform the identity of the person you meet online, and trace them to see whether they’re telling the truth or not.