How to Buy Wholesale Products for Your CBD Business

The CBD industry is fast on the rise, with the global CBD market valued at over $3.675 billion as of 2021. That figure will leap to surpass $55.79 in 2028. That’s a CAGR of an incredible 47.49 percent across the forecasted period.

As the demand for CBD products continues to skyrocket, CBD stores have sprung up across the world. In America alone, there are now 23,357 stores that sell medical and recreational marijuana.

The CBD industry is wildly lucrative for entrepreneurs who know what they’re doing. The key lies in knowing how to buy wholesale CBD products and market them well.

If you get it right when it comes to purchasing CBD wholesale products, you should have no trouble turning a good profit and having a steady flow of clients.

But how do you get started? Here’s a guide on how to buy wholesale CBD products the right way.

Start By Making a Checklist of What to Buy

Often, CBD entrepreneurs neglect some obvious yet essential items because they’ve gotten used to following old patterns. Many entrepreneurs shop for CBD items without a checklist, which is also known as impulse buying.

The main problem with shopping without a checklist is that you’ve got no reference for the quantity you need to buy, as well as the components and other critical details. It becomes difficult to ensure you’re getting the best quality at the best price.

Even when you do have a solid background in CBD products, it’s still smart to always have a checklist and adhere to it while buying wholesale CBD products.

What if you see some better options while you’re shopping? Use your logic and do the right thing.

Find the Right Distributor

The distributor you choose will play a massive role in how well you’re able to run your CBD business. If this is your first time transacting with a CBD distributor, you need to do thorough research before choosing who to purchase from.

Recommendations from people you know and trust can point you to a reliable CBD distributor. You can also head online and read reviews on several CBD distributors in your area. The goal is to find a potential distributor with a great reputation for providing top-quality products.

Note that there’s no shortage of scammers in the CBD industry. If you ignore the necessary precautions, you might fall victim and lose money.

Stock a Variety of Products

When you consume CBD as an individual, you may have a specific CBD brand as your favorite and stick to it. But when you’re opening a CBD business, you need to have a variety of products to cater to different clients. Your clients are going to have varying preferences, and it’s important that you offer as many choices as possible.

If you’re lucky enough to find a distributor who stocks all of these products, it makes everything so much easier for you.

So what CBD products should you buy wholesale? Capsules, oils, gummies, and favors in vape juice are a good starting point. If you can also stock full spectrum CBD distillate and an isolated form of CBD, that’s even better.

Ultimately, the more choices you can offer in your CBD store, the more customers you’ll be able to serve.

Consider the Cost of CBD Products

One of the reasons you’re buying CBD products in bulk is probably because you want to take advantage of the lower prices wholesalers offer. But all distributors don’t sell CBD products at the same price. A little comparison shopping can help you identify distributors who offer the best products at the most competitive prices.

Always make sure you allocate a specific price for your wholesale CBD products. Next, choose a distributor whose pricing structure is most reasonable and logical.

A product’s price must reflect the concentration and strength of the product you’re purchasing.

While looking for the best prices you can find, don’t fall for cheap products. Rarely do the best CBD products come at rock bottom prices. A suspiciously cheap CBD product could be substandard, which would only hurt your business.

Only Go for Tested Products

Ultimately, it’s the quality of products that will determine whether customers keep coming back to you or not. That’s why you need to find a distributor whose quality of products is unquestionable.

The only way to verify a product’s quality is by checking whether it has been properly tested. Manufacturers are generally required to test their products to guarantee that they’re safe for human consumption. Check whether the CBD products’ manufacturers have complied with the applicable industry laws before you purchase the product.

Where you have misgivings about the purity or safety of a particular product you may want to go for third-party testing. The alternative is to avoid the product altogether or purchase from another manufacturer you trust.

Consider Customer Service

Some CBD distributors out there offer top-grade products but have poor customer service. Either they’re poor in communication or can’t guarantee timely delivery of the product.

Should you shop from such stores? If possible, shun these distributors as they’ll cause you unending frustration in the long run. If previous customers seem generally dissatisfied with a particular distributor’s service, move on to someone who genuinely cares for their clients.

Always Buy Wholesale CBD Products the Right Way

Your CBD business is going to be only as good as the CBD products you offer. That’s why you can’t afford to be too careful when selecting the right distributor for you. Ensure that your CBD distributor ticks all the right boxes before you make a commitment to buy wholesale from them in the future.

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