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5 Basic Decor Principles That Never Go Out Of Style

If you’re looking to decorate your home, and you don’t know where to start, it’s important to go back to the basics. There are certain decor principles and rules that never go out of style, which is why you should learn more about this topic in order to implement them in your space. Currently, there are too many options and ideas, and it’s often tricky to choose the best things, considering that many of them are truly stunning. Therefore, if you’re planning some redecoration, or you’re starting from scratch, here are some basic decor rules that you should know about. 

Black and white combos 

Black and white are polar opposites that go so perfectly well together, so it’s not a surprise that such combos are timeless. Whether it’s your living room, or a kitchen with black and white tiles, the truth is: if you’re in doubt, choose black and white. Also, patterns that use these two colors are something that you won’t regret as they’re elegant, stylish, and classic solutions for any space.

Wall art, mainly gallery walls 

Wall art is something we all need and have, so it’s safe to say that such decor elements will always be here. Some people love to have multiple paintings, posters, and mirrors, while others prefer minimalism and fewer decor items. Whatever the case with you, feel free to opt for gallery walls, as they can be anything you want them to be: simple and neutral or bold and bright, the choice is yours. So before you decide to make your own, make sure to carefully choose frames, artwork, and placement so your home will look sophisticated and pretty.

Carpets and rugs 

Having carpets or rugs is one decor principle that will always be there, despite what the trends might be. They are especially important if you live in a space that doesn’t have floor heating, but aside from that, they are an excellent decor addition to your home. Of course, carpets are eternal, and the only things that change are trends and preferences regarding their appearance, thickness, and materials. You can find many excellent rugs from Miss Amara, with different unique patterns and colors that fit many tastes. Finding a perfect rug isn’t a simple task, and it requires patience and persistence, but one thing is for sure: they’ll always be there to add an extra layer of warmth and elegance to one’s home.

Painting the front door 

Your front door is the first thing others see when they come to your home, so it’s essential to make a good first impression and make them look neat. Therefore, painting the front door is always a good step toward sprucing up the curb appeal of your home. Bold colors are always en vogue, and a boldly painted front door can definitely add an element of vibrancy and joy. Red, green, turquoise blue, and purple are amazing choices, but feel free to experiment with your favorite colors, too. 

Blending old and new pieces 

Vintage decor pieces and furniture are the sure way to make your home special and stunning. Simply, choosing something old as the centerpiece is guaranteed to draw attention, especially if it’s a beautiful sofa, a dining table, or a large painting. But, if you decide to mix old and new, you’re basically accentuating the beauty of a vintage piece, while balancing it with something newer and simpler. For example, designer furniture pieces from previous weekends can be wonderfully matched with something contemporary, but it’s important to keep everything balanced and tasteful. You can find many antique pieces in specialized online marketplaces or antique stores. 

Final thoughts 

Using some well-proven decor principles is a great way to make your home look well-kept and beautiful, especially if you don’t have a knack or time for interior design and decor. These suggestions are classic and easy to implement, so if you don’t have any concrete ideas, feel free to go with some of these. Your space will look transformed and unique with just a little bit of effort, and you’ll be able to enjoy your redacted home in its true glory and beauty.