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6 Types of Men’s Hats for Any Occasion

Men have been wearing hats for ages. Throughout history, headgear has served as a symbol of a man’s status, profession, and personality. 

In medieval times, doctors wore rounded skull caps. In 17th century England, hats with ostrich feathers were a sign of prosperity. And in the early 20th century, bowler hats were a staple for American businessmen.

Today, there are many reasons to wear a hat. Maybe it’s cold outside and you need the extra protection. Perhaps your outfit needs a finishing touch. Or, maybe you are just ready to try something new. Whatever the case may be, use this directory as a guide to getting started. And welcome to the wonderful world of men’s hats!


If you want to start your foray into men’s hats with something that is classy and timeless, consider a bowler. These round head toppers have been a staple of men’s fashion since 1849 when they were invented by Lock & Co. in England. Interestingly, they were originally designed to protect mens’ heads from low-hanging tree branches. 

Immediately, bowler hats became all the rage in Europe. But it wasn’t until the 1860s that bowlers made their impact on American fashion. Of course, when Charlie Chaplin started his film career in the 1910s, that’s when bowler hats really had their day.

These days, you see a lot fewer people wearing bowler hats out and about. But while the felt topper is much less popular, it’s still a great choice for men. 

If you’re ready to try out a bowler hat, use it as the perfect finishing touch when attending a semi-formal event. Horse races, casual weddings, and holiday parties are all great events for bowler wearers. Pair the hat with a business suit for a classic and professional look.


On the opposite end of the spectrum is the snapback. Much less formal, snapback hats became popular in the 1990s and have held steady since then. Originally, they were worn primarily by hip-hop and rap artists like Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Today, everyone from the President of the United States to grammy-winning celebrities wears snapbacks. 

Snapbacks are different from traditional ballcaps in their closure mechanism. Instead of the standard velcro strap, snapbacks have (you guessed it) a snap system.

If you appreciate a more hip and modern look, snapbacks are the perfect choice for you. And if you are really feeling bold, you could even wear the hat backward. 

Plus, unlike bowlers, snapbacks are all the rage. As a result, there are plenty of hats to choose from. You can even find one to represent your favorite sports team. The best part is, hats for large heads are also easily available.


Trucker hats are similar in appearance to snapbacks, except that they have plastic mesh at the back of the cap. Interestingly, they also represent a difference in personality. While snapbacks were originally worn in the world of hip hop, trucker hats started with (as the name suggests) long-distance truckers. 

Trucker hats are also hugely popular amongst farmers as they are a staple product in feed supply stores. Like our previous hat, truckers can be customized with printed logos at the front of the cap. 

Of course, when you’re wearing a trucker hat, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit casual. These hats represent a breed of down-to-earth people and overdressing could result in a fashion faux pas. 

Beanie/Knit Hat

Beanies are perhaps the most popular hat for men in today’s society. Nearly every young man in New York, the fashion capital of the world, owns a beanie. This is great news for anyone whose internal body temperature runs cold. 

Of course, fashionable men know how to wear a beanie. Worn improperly, a knit hat can make you look sloppy and outdated. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Opt for the classic cuff if you’re new to beanie-wearing
  • Avoid pom poms and neon colors
  • Wear the beanie tight to your head
  • Avoid visored beanies
  • Keep your ears covered and forehead exposed

For best results, mix textures while sporting a beanie. A wool cap with a flannel shirt is the perfect combination.

Bucket Hat

90s fashion is making a comeback, and with it comes the bucket hat. Everyone from Justin Beiber to Pharrell is jumping onto the trend. And it comes as no surprise; bucket hats are fun and functional.

What’s more, these hats are very distinctive. If you’ve seen one, you won’t have forgotten it. Its design consists of a flat top and a sloping brim that can be flipped up.

These days, they are the perfect accessory for street style. Whether you are popping out for groceries in a sweatsuit or donning jeans and a t-shirt at a concert, there is no wrong time to wear a bucket hat. 

For a clean and classic look, try a bucket hat in white. For a spunky and colorful appearance, tie-dyed is a great choice. The possibilities are endless when you’re ready to invest in a bucket hat.


The vast majority of today’s fashion icons have donned a fedora at some point or another. That’s because it’s classy and versatile. With an indented crown and a flat/flexible brim, the fedora is unmistakable. Plus, they offer protection from the sun. No more sunburns for your face and neck!

Channel your inner John Legend and invest in a fedora. These remarkable hats can be worn at both formal and informal events. Do keep in mind that these hats are best worn in the spring, summer, and fall. They won’t offer much protection from the harsh conditions of winter.

Top Off Your Look with a Brand New Hat

Treat yourself to a new hat and join the millions of men who have already donned the fashion-forward accessory. Classic snapbacks, sleek fedoras, and cozy beanies are all the rage right now. So if you’ve been wanting to try hats for a while, now is a great time to take the leap.