7 Tips to Choose the Best PushChairs for Those Woodland Walks and Hilly Fields

Buying a PushChair is easy. Right!? Just scout the market, see the options available, and select a few brands that are appealing to your eyes, and then settle for the one that is well within your budget, and you are good to go? Isn’t that so?

Well, this is the assumption that most people make before they embark on the real journey, only to realize how far they are from the truth. It turns out that buying strollers is not as easy as most people think and that there is a lot more to consider choosing the model that is best suited for your needs.

First and foremost, you need to identify the purpose, or rather the place you intend to use the PushChair. What is the nature of the surface? Is it rocky? Wet? Sloping? Flat? Or is it a Murram or tarmac road? Understanding the surface type is key to identifying the right PushChair for your child.

In this article, you will discover the 7-best tips to choose PushChairs that are perfect for those woodland walks and Hilly fields.

1. Consider the Age of Your Child

How old is your child? Is he/she 0-6 months or older? Children below 6-months of age do not have neck control and will need a PushChair with a deep recline for support. Luckily some models can offer that, but the options are not as many. The majority of the PushChairs available in the market are best suited for children above six months old who can somehow sit by themselves.

Either way, make sure you check the details of the model you intend to buy to confirm that it is perfect for your child.

2. Duration of Use

How long do you intend to use your PushChair? Is it for short or long-term use? You want to purchase a PushChair that can give you value for your money, not one that you will have to keep replacing. In that case, the factors you will need to consider include,

  • The Material and Design of Your Pushchair

In general, steel or aluminum are the most common material for PushChair frames, fabric for the seat, and plastic and rubber for handles. The types of materials you choose will determine how long your PushChair can last through the hilly fields and woodland walks. Similarly, some designs make stronger structures than others, and the same case will apply.

  • Flexibility

Is your PushChair adaptable for use at different child stages in life, or is it just for using only once? And can you use it for all your children? Buying a multi-purpose PushChair might cost you a little higher but can prove valuable in the long-run.

  • The Wheels

The wheels are another factor that will affect the duration of your PushChair. Go for a pushchair with strong wheels that will not get stuck on uneven or bumpy surfaces to extend the usage duration.

3. Ease of Use

How does it feel when you steer the PushChair? Is it easy to maneuver using one hand? How does it feel when you make a tight turn? And most importantly, how does it feel on hilly terrain or uneven sidewalk? Answering these questions and many more will help you determine the PushChair model that is the easiest to use.

4. How portable is Your Pushchair?

It’s not always that you will need to use your PushChair. No. Sometimes you will be holding your baby in your arms. So, in that case, how convenient is it to fold and carry your PushChair? And is it easy to unfold when you want to put the baby back? The more portable your PushChair is, the better it is for you.

5. How heavy is the PushChair?

The weight of your PushChair is another Important factor to consider before you purchase. Combine your child’s weight, that of the diapers, and any other stuff you may carry, choosing a heavy PushChair is not convenient at all. Most PushChairs are 25 pounds, but other options can weigh as low as 12 pounds. Choose the weight that works best for you.

6. The Maintenance

Babies can be messy, and we all know that. They are sensitive too. As the parent, your role is to keep your PushChair clean, safe and healthy for your child. For that, you will need to choose a PushChair model with a fabric material that is easy to wash and hard to wear out as a result.

7. The Cost of Buying Your Pushchair

There are so many types of PushChairs available in the market depending on the design, size, color, purpose, etc., and their prices vary accordingly. Your tastes and preferences will determine the amount of money you will spend to buy your PushChair. Some of the options you will find include,

  • Pushchairs with adjustable handlebars
  • Multiple seats
  • Large undercarriages
  • Rain shields, among others

Some of these features are necessary, while others are not. Take your time to define what you need to avoid paying any unnecessary costs when buying your PushChair.

Even if money is not a problem, there is still no need to waste it on something you will not need to use.


As a parent, three things should always come first when buying a PushChair. These are the health, safety, and comfort of your child. Follow these steps above to the latter to choose the stroller best suited for the hilly fields and woodland walks with your child.