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8 Enduring Men’s Clothing Trends in Australia

While fads often change and evolve, certain men’s garments are always around. Many clothing trends in Australia have been shaped by the climate, lifestyle, and culture, which also means they have enduring properties. This means that for the guys Down Under, such items remain just as trendy today as they were decades ago and are likely to remain so for years to come in the future.

Polo Shirts

Offering the perfect blend of smart or casual, which means they never go out of fashion, polo shirts are comfortable and ideal for the Australian climate. 

Polo shirts offer a perfect blend of casual and smart, making them an enduring trend. They are comfortable and ideal for the Australian climate. They can be worn with shorts, chinos, or under a jacket, making them versatile for various occasions.


Lightweight and comfortable, chinos are perfect for the Australian summer. They’re also versatile, providing the option to roll with a semi-formal look or more relaxed and casual appearance.

The best men’s chino colours is open for debate. Black or navy are quite timeless choices, But many Aussie men prefer the look of earthy colours, from khaki to beige and olive or camel. Really, it tends to depend which tones work best with the rest of your attire. 

Denim Jeans

Originally invented as workwear, denim jeans have always been popular in Aussie men’s fashion. Whether it’s the classic straight-leg, rugged bootcut or slim-fit, jeans are versatile and timeless. 

They can be dressed up with a blazer or worn casually with a t-shirt. There’s also plenty of handy pocket space for blokes who enjoy playing Australian casinos on mobile, allowing quick and practical access to their smartphones.

White Sneakers

Clean looking and minimalistic, white sneakers have always remained trendy in Aussie men’s fashion, mostly because fellas can wear them with almost any kind of outfit.

White sneakers have never gone out of style Down Under, while the mixture of comfort and versatility means they will always be around, always giving wearers that streetwise and sporty vibe.


Due to the warm climate in Australia, shorts are a must, especially when strolling around in the summer, looking for something a bit more casual and relaxed. But shorts also come in a wide variety of styles.

There’s board shorts for surfers, Bermuda shorts for the beach, and tailored shorts have gained popularity in recent years, offering a more refined alternative to casual cargo shorts. Most accompany a t-shirt or vest well, although smarter shorts tend to work best with a button-down shirt.

Linen Shirts

Often the go-to selection for beating the heat, linen shirts are breathable and the moisture-wicking properties make them perfect for the summer, offering the perfect combination of comfort and style for any occasion.

Classic looking while also practical and resistant to everyday wear, Australian men often choose lighter pastel shades, giving their linen shirts a more relaxed and beachy vibe.


One of the most practical fashion accessories, wearing sunglasses will always be trendy in men’s fashion. Not only do they protect the eyes from the harsh Australian sun, but they also add a touch of cool to any outfit.

The other great thing is that groovy sunglasses come in a huge variety of styles, from classic aviators to chunky rectangular frames, while round and oval shades often fit the contours of our eyes and faces better.

Lightweight Jackets

In the cooler months or for breezy evenings, lightweight jackets are a must. Denim jackets and bomber jackets remain popular, while Harrington jackets are often considered all-time favourites. All have convenient pockets for storing your mobile.

They can be layered over a t-shirt or a sweater for a stylish and functional look and worn over buttoned shirts to give a more formal appearance, making lightweight jackets an appealing alternative to blazers or formal jackets.