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Creating a Beautiful Farmhouse Laundry Room

The farmhouse aesthetic and its sub-genres have continued to increase in popularity over the years. The cozy, vintage vibe that this style gives off provides a very wholesome, home-like feeling to a space while still embracing modern elements and colour palettes.

If you’re looking to cheer up your laundry room with the farmhouse look, there are plenty of options for decor, wallpaper, furniture, and other elements you can embrace to add a level of coziness to this space. 

Keep reading below for some great design ideas for farmhouse laundry rooms, along with some tips to keep in mind when designing your layout!

What to consider when designing a laundry room

Before choosing your decor and hardware, there are some important factors to consider first when designing a laundry room. Let’s examine these further below:

Follow form with function

When designing a work area like a laundry room, it’s important to consider form as well as function. While you want your space to look beautiful, it also needs to serve its purpose. 

Therefore, when deciding which furniture, appliances, decor, and other elements to integrate into your room design, make choices that best utilize your space in terms of storage, organization, and workspace. 

If you have a small laundry room but want a counter made of high-quality material like quartz or porcelain, you can click here for the best laundry room countertop ideas.

This or a similar design choice will help your space look less cluttered while still providing you with an area to fold and iron your laundry. 

Stick to a budget

As well, consider how this re-model will affect you budget-wise. While you may have many ideas you’d like to implement, you likely won’t be able to include everything on your wish list. 

Therefore, decide which items you’d like to prioritize and can reasonably afford, and make sure to account for the cost of installation, plumbing, and other services that may be required.  

Farmhouse laundry room decor ideas

Below we’ve gathered some beautiful and practical design ideas for farmhouse-inspired laundry rooms, from decor pieces to hardware. Let’s take a look at these further below:

Open cabinet with drawers and hooks

For homeowners who want to embrace the vintage and antique elements of this design style, an open cabinet provides a more Victorian/Edwardian-era farmhouse look that is both beautiful and practical.

You can find open cabinets with hooks, which are perfect for hanging soft laundry baskets, decor pieces, and other items, and drawers, which will help add to your storage space. 

Shiplap walls and/or ceiling

If you’re working with a smaller laundry room, shiplap wood is a great choice for your walls or ceiling, as the horizontal lines will make the room appear more spacious.

This type of wood is also a great choice for those looking to combine coastal elements with the farmhouse look, as shiplap is very common in seaside homes. 

Combine new and vintage wood

If you’re looking to combine the modern and vintage look, a great way to elevate your laundry room space is to combine new and vintage wood decor and furniture. 

The distressed textures and deeper colours of vintage wood will add a more rustic look to the space, while the sleek, smooth appearance of new wood will help modernize the space.

For example, you could add antique wood chairs and picture frames to the decor while installing new wood cabinets, counters, and shelves. 

Use botanical wallpaper

To add more of a Cottagecore element to your farmhouse laundry room, opt for floral-print wallpaper in muted colours, such as white and light pink. This will add a soft, airy look to your laundry room and will make it feel calmer and more cheerful!

To further elevate the look of the wallpaper, you could add decor items that follow the same colour palette or emphasize the floral aspect by adding vases of dried or fake flowers. 

Vintage farmhouse objects 

One of the best things about farmhouse laundry rooms entering the mainstream is how many antique laundry items are available for decor!

Homeowners can use an antique pitcher and washbasin set, wooden washboards, antique clothespins, clothes wringers, and other similar items for decor at thrift and antique stores.

Or, if your budget is tighter, you can find antique-style washboards and jugs online that not only look beautiful but can also be used to do the laundry!

Install an antique sink 

Another great way to embrace the vintage aspect of the farmhouse style is to install an antique farmhouse sink. These can be found at thrift stores, antique stores, and estate sales, and are perfectly usable for washing and rinsing your laundry!

You can further elevate the look of an antique sink by adding matching shelves and picture frames or pairing it with a high-quality quartz or porcelain countertop. 

Decorate with natural fibres and wood

If you’d like to emphasize a more natural, rustic farmhouse look in your laundry room, add decor and furniture pieces made from wicker, hang linen or cotton curtains, natural wood frames, and other similar items made from natural fibres and untreated wood.

You can take the natural look a step further by adding houseplants to your shelves, on the floor, or from the ceiling on a hook. 

Not only will this emphasize the rustic look, but it will also add a pop of colour to the room and help freshen the air, which is ideal for a basement laundry room where the air can be stuffy. 

Final thoughts

Farmhouse laundry rooms are very popular among homeowners nowadays, and if you’re looking to integrate this style into your home, consider using some of the above suggestions!

Antique decor pieces, a muted colour palette, and an emphasis on natural wood and fibre elements, among other design choices, are all great for implementing an authentic farmhouse look. Just make sure that the items you choose allow you the work and storage space you need to tend to your laundry without complication!