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Employing the Service of a Local Hairdresser

Traditionally, a woman’s hair has been considered her crowning glory, However, in modern times, it’s not just women who take great pride in their hair. Men, too, are increasingly dedicated to maintaining a full head of hair. Some of them even go to the extent of braiding and styling their manes in unconventional ways. However, our focus today is on women and how to choose the best service for your tresses.

The first thing that you will see (notice) first when you see a woman is her hair. This part of the body tells a person’s personality and quirks. That is why most women pay so much attention to the care of their tresses. Unless you are a professional hairdresser/stylist, or you like DIY, you will have a hair stylist that takes care of the hair. You can click here for hairdressing tips for beginners.

In this article therefore, we will explore factors to consider when looking for the right hair stylist to employ. Meanwhile let us look at the common hairdressing services.

Common Hair Dressing Services

The following are some of the most popular services that you will get in any beauty service:

Haircuts and Styling

This is the most common of all the services you can get in a beauty salon; there’s hardly any salon you will walk into that will not offer this service. This entails haircuts for women and sometimes also men and kids. In addition to the haircuts, you will have hair wash, drying and then styling. Sometimes customers may opt for the washing, drying, and styling without the haircut.


This is another common service rendered by salons. These days a lot of people love to experiment with different colour on their tresses. Hairstylists who specialize in this often have people requesting for them because if hair colouring is not properly done, it can damage a person’s manes. The range of this service includes highlights, lowlights, touch ups and grey cover.

Hair Extensions

These are quite popular these days because many people love long and voluminous tresses but are either not patient enough to grow their natural hair or cannot find solution to the lack of growth. These extensions help clients get the exact length and volume that they want for their tresses.

Formal Hairstyling

There is a hairstylist who specialize in hairstyling for special events such as proms, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, official dinners, and the likes. The styles for these occasions are not your usual everyday style so it has to be properly done so that the client will not have to be bothered about any embarrassment on their big day. You can visit this site: inspiration.

Pro Tips for Choosing your Hairdresser

Did you just move to a new location, or you want to change your hairdresser? Below are some tips that will help you find the right one for you:

Ask for Recommendation

This is the best option especially if you just moved to a new location. Look out for people whose hair you admire and ask them for recommendation. Let them share the details of their hairdresser with you so that you can try them out. Additionally, you can ask your current stylist if they know anyone in your new location that they can recommend.

Check Online

This is the next option if you couldn’t get recommendation from anyone. Go online and search for salons in your vicinity. Look out for their ratings on the customer reviews and other 3rd party review platforms. Some of the things you should be looking out for both in the reviews and on their site include the following:

  1. The range of service that they render.
  2. Their reputation.
  3. The level of expertise and experience.
  4. The cost of their services.
  5. The type of products that they use.
  6. Their customer service culture.

Follow them on Social Media

After conducting your search, narrow down your top three salons, then follow them on all their social media profiles. This will help you to see different verities of their handwork. Moreover, you will also observe their interaction with their clients and how they manage complaints. Most importantly, you will be to rate their professionalism and skills and determine whether you want to become their client or not.

Check for Proximity

Your hair day should be a day when you can stroll into a beauty parlour and be pampered. The purpose is defeated if you have to travel a long distance to and from the salon. It’s essential to choose a location that is conveniently close. For instance, if you reside in Edinburgh or the surrounding areas, consider MacGregor Hairdressing or other local experts accessible via public transport. This removes the stress of travelling a long distance just to get your hair done.


Your hair is your first point of attraction and, therefore, should be adequately taken care of. In this article, we’ve shared some tips to assist you in maintaining your tresses. Keep these tips in mind to reduce the occurrence of bad hair days.