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Empowering Salons and Hairdressers Worldwide with Exclusive Trade Benefits and Support from Cliphair

As leading hair extension specialists, Cliphair offers both clip-in and permanent hair extensions in the UK,  also serving customers, salons and hairdressers all over the world. What makes Cliphair stand out is that all of their hair extensions are made from the highest-quality Remy hair, leaving their customers looking and feeling fabulous, and hairdressers feeling proud for choosing such a reliable supplier every time. 

Ever since its launch in 2007, Cliphair has continued to support and empower hairdressers and salons not only in the UK but around the world as well. Cliphair supports hairdressers and salons through its dedicated Trade website, offering all of the hair products you could possibly find on the retail site, and more! Cliphair’s trade website provides salons and hairdressers with gorgeous and high-quality Remy human hair extensions to help transform their client’s look, at truly competitive prices for the hair industry. 

If you are a hairdresser or salon owner looking for a reliable and trustworthy supplier for your hair extensions or other hair products, then look no further than Cliphair. 

Cliphair offers exclusive trade benefits and unprecedented support to salons and hairdressers. Interested in starting your hair extension journey with Cliphair?  Simply register for a Trade Account with Cliphair today. 

By registering for a Trade Account with Cliphair, your business will become eligible for exciting discounted prices with Cliphair, amazing priority stock ordering and useful restock alerts. On top of this, you will receive exclusive trade-specific promotions on Cliphair products. What’s not to love?

What’s more, is that you can rely on Cliphair’s dedicated trade team for continuous support day-to-day. As well as this, by becoming a trade partner of Cliphair, you could even have an opportunity to promote your work on Cliphair’s social media platforms which could help your business thrive even more! So, what are you waiting for? Register for a Trade Account today with Cliphair. 

“The reason for our rapid growth in this industry is due to our competitive prices, high quality and innovative products” – Cliphair UK 

Cliphair first launched in 2007, giving them over a decade’s worth of experience in providing and delivering exceptional Cliphair extensions. Only offering 100% Remy human hair extensions, alongside a specialist range of haircare products, Cliphair can be relied upon to leave their customers with dreamy locks.  Each set of hair extensions they provide has been carefully hand selected to make sure that every customer and salon is receiving the best possible quality hair extensions. Cliphair aims to leave its customers feeling authentic, bold and confident. They are dedicated to building an honest and transparent relationship with their customers and business partners, to make them feel safe and secure to return for incredible hair and hair products again and again.

Searching for hair extensions in the UK for your salon or hair business? Whether you are seeking clip-in extensions or permanent extensions for yourself or you are looking for a supplier to support your business, Cliphair will not disappoint with its high-quality and ethically sourced extensions. 

Create a Trade Account with Cliphair and start benefiting today! For more information on Cliphair’s products and their fantastic offerings, please visit the company’s website at