How To Find A Last Minute Trusted Sitter With The Sittercity App

Finding a regular sitter is every mom’s dilemma. Nonetheless, that can be resolved since there’s usually a longer time frame to look for a regular sitter. It’s a totally different thing when moms have to find a last minute sitter.

That becomes a total nightmare especially if you’re all set to go. With a sitter flaking out on you on the last minute, you can’t just walk out the door and leave your kids alone. That is one stressful moment you wouldn’t want to happen.

You know exactly how it feels. You are all dressed up for something you’ve planned for so long and suddenly the sitter flakes out on you. Unfortunately, you can’t flake out the way the sitter just did on you.

So what do you do at such moment of panic? You look for a last a minute sitter but the question is how do you do go about it?

Parenting site iParentingLife.com highly recommends Chime as a last minute sitter resource. As a spin off from the leading childcare service provider, Chime Sittercity exercises the same caution in finding someone whom you can easily trust especially at the last-minute.

Nonetheless, it still is a smart move on your part to get to know how Chime Sittercity works. Even if this online service is very easy to use, you still have to know more about it before signing up.

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Chime Sittercity Is Especially Created For Last-Minute Searches

Chime Sittercity comes at a time when childcare service providers are on the rise. Hence, there’s no doubt about the competition it faces. However, it is worth noting that Chime Sittercity boast of a solid background in providing trusted sitters.  

As you well know by now, Sittercity started it all. Way before the onset of various web-based childcare service providers, Sittercity was already connecting parents to sitters online.

As early as 2001, forward-thinking Genevieve Thiers made good use of technology to facilitate a more convenient sitter search online. Although other services attempted to do the same thing, Sittercity was the only one that was considered safe. From the start, it has always prioritized safety, providing parents a more affordable way to conduct background checks on the sitters. 

Fast forward to today, Sittercity has grown to be the largest network of professional sitters online. With more and more members signed up, it has evolved into a platform where parents can easily create their own group of sitters to call on at the last minute.

That is exactly the purpose of Chime Sittercity. From a simple website that was created to connect parents to sitters, it has now streamlined the search process, evolving into a platform for chosen sitters.  

Sittercity’s easy-to-use app is the most convenient way to find a last-minute sitter since it gathers a reliable group of sitters that you can always call on anytime, especially at the last minute.

In terms of safety, Chime Sittercity gets all background, identity, and social media screenings done. This way, parents can just submit a request for a sitter while the whole Chime Sittercity team finds someone at the last minute. How’s that for a last-minute search?

You practically have a whole team to help you out and all you need is an app to facilitate the search (see: https://www.iparentinglife.com/sittercity-reviews/).

You Can Create A Free Chime Sittercity Account

There are various ways for you to sign up for Chime Sittercity. If you are already a Sittercity member, you can use the same credentials to sign up for their app. There’s no need for you to pay any additional fees to make use of this particular app.

If you haven’t signed up with Sittercity, that’s okay. You can sign up directly on Chime Sittercity and you can do it for free as well. Just put in your name, last name, and email address on the required fields. You will then receive an email to change your password.

Once you’ve done all that, you can log into your account and create a booking. All you have to do is to click on Bookings on the menu. You will see this on the top right-hand side of your screen.

When you click on Bookings, you will be able to select a date and time. In addition to that, you will be required to share your zip code and the number of kids you have for the babysitting job. These are critical data so that the Chime Sittercity group can easily get on with their search for your last-minute sitter.

It’s Easy To Get Started

Once you have completed your booking, you can submit a request. Once you have clicked on the button, you will be taken to another page. Fill up the form and submit request again.

After you have done so, the Chime Sittercity team will find a reliable sitter nearby in just thirty minutes. All you have to do is to wait since you have a whole team working on it.

You don’t pay to get on the app but you do have to pay once you have found a sitter to hire. What’s astonishing is that you only have to pay an hourly, flat rate. The rate depends on your location but the point is that you only have to deal with flat, hourly rate.

It’s important that you know these things before signing up for Chime Sittercity. You can set your expectations based on how the app or the service works. The most important thing is that you’re confident that you can always find a sitter at the last-minute.