How to Rise Through the Spotify Charts: 10 Tips

Spotify has become the world’s most popular music streaming platform, with 345 million users and 350 million subscribers as of 2021. Gaining a massive fan base on Spotify leads to increased plays of your music and, in turn, increased revenue and earnings. 

You can also discover other artists on the platform and collaborate with them on new music or remixes. Employing marketing tactics such as the use of social media or Spotify growth service providers can help you increase your fan base. That said, here are a few ideas that can help you rise through the Spotify charts.

Upload Your Music on Spotify

The first step to gaining fans on Spotify is by uploading your music. It will help create a fan base and new followers. You can get digital distributors like CD Baby or Distrokid to put your music on Spotify and other music streaming platforms like Apple Music. Once your music becomes available on Spotify, your fans can listen, download and share your music, thus increasing your visibility. 

Focus on Quality

Spotify users value sound quality. Therefore, working on the quality of your content will lead to more success on Spotify. It will help if you go for professionals to produce your music. 

Additionally, users enjoy music with well-written lyrics, good beats, and a great message with exceptional sound quality. Employing these tactics will increase your number of users. Putting in the work to upgrade your rate is what you need to become famous on Spotify.

Build a Fan Base

Building a fan base that resonates with your content will see you rise through Spotify chats quickly. You can use Spotify growth service providers to increase engagement and listens, thus improving the algorithm’s response to your music. 

Some tips to help you build your fan base include performing live and engaging with your fans on social media. Additionally, you can convert your followers on other social media platforms by encouraging them to stream your music on Spotify.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of the most excellent tools to increase your listeners and help you reach more people. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be very influential to your music career. Your social media fans can quickly become your fans on Spotify as they already love your content. 

Additionally, you can use social media to collaborate with other musicians and brands. Moreover, you can hop on TikTok challenges or create reels using your music, which might help you go viral on social media.

Collaborate With Other Musicians

Spotify users listen to different music. Therefore, collaborating with other musicians is an effective strategy to increase your play and listeners. This strategy not only gives you exposure but it helps you reach new followers all over the world. 

A great way to collaborate with artists is by featuring them in your songs, creating remixes with their music, and going on live together. Alternatively, you can team up with other musicians in your niche and release new hits. This way, both of you will stand a chance to gain more followers.

Release Music Consistently

Consistency is vital to getting many followers and increasing streams on Spotify. Releasing new hits will keep your fans interested and engaged. With the rising number of upcoming artists and good hits, your listeners can quickly forget you. 

Releasing new music occasionally and promoting it on social media platforms is a great way to stay relevant to your followers. Ultimately, with time, effort, and consistency, you will soon rise through the Spotify charts and become a famous musician with time.

Look for Ways to Grow Your Listeners Organically

There are a few ways you can increase your followers organically without paying. For starters, you can encourage your followers from other platforms to listen, share, download, and subscribe to your material. 

Additionally, you can send emails to your subscribers to remind them that you have released a new track. You can also issue pre-saves to your subscribers. Pre-saves are a way for your followers to save your music before it’s released. When you finally release the music, your music will have several saves, and you stand a chance of your music rising through the Spotify charts.

Produce Unique Music

Your music has to be unique for Spotify users to listen to it. With the growing competition from musicians on Spotify, more than just releasing music is needed. Additionally, it would help if you chose a specific niche for your followers to identify and relate to your music. Your audience knows the kind of music they want to hear, which is an advantage. Producing similar music will lead to more plays and new subscribers. 

Verify Your Spotify Profile

Verifying your Spotify profile increases your visibility on the Platform. Fans view verified musicians as authentic, and verified musicians get more plays than their counterparts. Getting verified on Spotify gives you access to special features like submitting your whole playlist to Spotify. This way, your fans can discover your other music as well. Consequently, you will gain more fans and more plays on your music and gradually rise through the Spotify charts. You can also view statistics of your music downloads on the Platform and pin a song or album to your profile.

Add Lyrics to Your Song on Spotify

Adding lyrics to your music enables users to listen to and understand your music. Listeners will be able to understand and vibe to your music. However, this option is only available to verified artists. Adding lyrics to your music enhances your users’ experience and enables you to engage effortlessly with them. Additionally, it increases your competitive edge, as not all artists have their lyrics available on Spotify. 


Rising through the Spotify charts is challenging but possible. It requires effort, consistency, dedication, and patience. There are many artists on Spotify, and therefore the competition is high. So, to stand out on Spotify, you need to produce top-notch music. 

Additionally, releasing new music will keep your fans engaged and earn you more listeners. Utilizing social media platforms and various Spotify features is crucial in increasing your visibility as an artist. Ensure your profile is verified on Spotify to increase your chances of success on the platform and access other unique features available to verified artists.