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Innovation at It’s Best-MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner

It’s History

A brief history. Thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt, eyeliner was invented. It served a dual purpose of eye protection from the glaring heat of the African sun and enhancing the beauty of men and women. Probably one of the most iconic fashion tools, eyeliner is an easy but impactful beauty tool. Unfortunately, it seems that thousands of years later, eyeliner hasn’t had much evolution.

Makeup has thankfully come a long way since its inception. Despite innovation in almost every area of beauty and fashion, false eyelashes were still “stuck” in the past. Literally, this easy but impactful beauty secret needed to be applied by some kind of adhesive. Recently, adhesives were getting less messy and easier to apply, but still, glue and your eyes shouldn’t be a thing, right? Thankfully, leaders in the beauty world like MoxieLash, have totally revolutionized the eyelash scene in the most amazing and unthinkable way. Can you guess?

Join the Revolution

Magnets! MoxieLash has created an incredible magnetic eyeliner! It’s a beautiful dark silver eyeliner that is made from a magnetic gel. It glides on smooth and amazingly locks those beautiful eyelashes on for ultimate wear. What you end up with, is a beautiful and easy every day or night look, that you don’t have to worry about. MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner has to be the best invention since all day lipstick. Plus, you can choose your preference between the gel magnetic eyeliner or liquid. Gel liner is creamy and smudgeable for that smoky look while the liquid is a girls’ everyday best friend.

Here are a few fabulous ways you can use MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner for different looks that are on trend Like all hair, women love to change up color for a fresh look. Choose your eyelash color to match or highlight your hair color. Black, brunette, blond or even wild colors will look amazing. Better yet, with a magnetic eyeliner and MoxieLash eyelashes, you can get ready and look fab in seconds. Another hot trend for 2019 is going glam no matter what time of day. MoxieLash offers fun lash options like flashy, sassy and classy. Change it up from day to night, or match your mood with a quick application of MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner paired with their gorgeous lashes! If you have lost your eyelashes or your hair for any reason, have no fear these look so beautiful and natural and since they stick to the liner you don’t need hair to use magnetic eyeliner.

Quick Q & A

New doesn’t have to be intimidating with some quick question and answer. MoxieLash answers questions or concerns surrounding magnetic eyeliner. Although it seems unsafe, MoxieLash eyeliner is completely safe and has no parabens or any heavy metals. That being said, it’s always good to check in with your doctor if you are concerned about skin sensitivity or recently had surgery on your eyes or around that area.

Amazingly you can work up a sweat in MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner. If you want to take them off for your workouts, easily pluck off and reapply with no fuss thanks to the magnetic technology. Perhaps the best part is you can introduce your favorite makeup to the MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner without an issue.

Wrap Up

Whether you are trying to add an occasional wow moment or every day looking great look, MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner is an amazing must-have. The option of gel or liquid, as well as different complimentary eyelash, works for anyone and everyone. Add to that a safe, easy and reusable product that lasts for such a long time for only $30, its a no brainer. Check out MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner and get all your beauty needs met!