Irresistible Sunglasses Trends and How to Style Them

From the scintillating sun of the summer to the crisp leaves of autumn, sunglasses stay in fashion every season. Each year, eccentric fashionables make their way to the top of trending lists, and while some hold natural longevity, others trend finitely. The timelessness of some pieces enables them to be worn year by year with the same chic. Thus, it’s all the more reason to take advantage of some of these face-flattering sunglasses trends for this summer.

Often you need the pair that’ll flatter your face and features right. Besides bedazzling your features and look to its finest, these sunglasses will also bring functionality and offer something in stock for every face shape.


This summer, we have seen these gorgeous cotton candy sunglasses trending the most, though the trend is less likely to persist in longevity. Colored sunglasses are the most up to the minute trends to try with their widely ranged color palette. An easy way to style these is with denim. Match color in your outfit to the color of the sunglasses you are wearing to get an overall contemporary and vibrant look. For a dramatic effect, pop on a neon eyeliner or mascara and watch how stunningly the colors play out.

Cat Eye

These fashion icons of the past have made a big return and are as versatile as ever. When worn, the Cat Eye sunglasses ought to dominate the outfit. Therefore, minimize your accessories and outfit’s colors to give them the spotlight they’re made to attract. Consider toning down your style to nude shades and let these classic frames add a quirky flair even to the most casual ensembles.


Browline sunglasses are yet another classic trend of the 80s that have become a constant for many fashion bloggers. Their distinctive feature is the upper part of the frame that accents the eyebrows. These statement-making frames make for a much more sophisticated look.

When looking to go fancy, pair your extravagant outfit with a chic pair of Browline sunglasses to add some more poise. Accessorize your look with statement accessories to complement your dress and your Browline sunglasses. If fashionable dresses are your thing, these frames will be your next favorite pick.


This season, oversized sunglasses are the most spectacular accessory you need to have in your wardrobes. They have been a back to back trend for several years, and when styled right, they can add glamour and sophistication to any summer look. Be it graphic t-shirts, denim shorts, or beachy floral dress, the Tory Burch TY7140 Oversized Sunglasses, in particular, will have you stealing the show in every outfit.

Their wide range in colors and sizes make them an ideal pick to complement all features. Stay fashionable and shady with these versatile yet elegant Oversized Sunglasses.


Sunglasses can be as casual as a stroll to the store, and Round sunglasses are your best bet at looking effortlessly put-together even in the most casual outfits. These frames demand being in the spotlight, and if you also happen to have angular features, these classy frames will compliment you most. However, their versatility doesn’t restrict them to casual outfits. Pair these with minimal accessories when you’re looking to create an outgoing outfit, and you’ll be all set to turn some heads!

These sunglasses will buoy up any summer look, and as we transition season through season, you’ll have these up to date picks just one flip away. Wear sunshine as your favorite accessory this summer with these everlasting trends!