Look For a Tattoo Artist Who Specializes in Your Style

There are undoubtedly hundreds of tattoo types available today, and skilled artists are always coming up with new ones. However, many of these designs are derived from famous tattoo styles from the past, many of which are centuries or even decades old.

If you’re visiting London and considering getting a tattoo while you’re there, there are many great tattoo artists who can ink you in nearly any style you’re looking to have memorialized on your skin. However, it is helpful to both yourself and the artist if you have an idea of what tattoo you would like prior to booking the appointment with them. 

This list should help you decide what you want as far as your permanent body art is concerned. These are a few of the traditional tattoo art forms; before you begin designing tattoos, you should be aware of these. 

You probably already have one of the artists at The Old Stables Tattoo Studio in London in mind if you’re searching for the ideal tattoo design; you could have difficulty being able to articulate it precisely. 

It might be difficult to decide precisely what you want your ideal tattoo to look like, but hopefully the designs below will assist in helping you reduce it down. If you think you’re interested in the style, do some research on it to figure out how you can customize and personalize the tattoo for your life and personality. These are the most well-liked traditional tattoo designs:

Traditional American tattoo

These tattoos might be the first that come to mind; they’re an old-school look that’s characterized by strong edges and a consistent usage of colors and images. They have strong ties to the sea and maritime imagery, as well as to pin up girls, ferocious predatory creatures, and combinations of daggers, roses, and hearts. 

Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins made the tattoo trend famous in the era of the 1930s, but it remains popular to this day. It is said to be the origin of the pin-up girl that has been revitalized as a fashion trend today. 

The latest in tattoo trends

On your body, New School tattoos resemble a chaotic comic book. In this area, Jesse Smith’s art is well-known for its vividly colored depictions of fantastical, chaotic imagined worlds that frequently feature well-defined animal characters.

Japanese-style tattoos

The art of tattooing has a long history worldwide spanning several centuries. The Japanese aesthetic Irezumi is one that has remained popular. Tattoo artists continue to reinterpret these timeless works in both traditional and innovative ways. Furthermore, this genre is well-known for its expansive visuals that encompass the torso, arms, and legs.

Grey and black tattoo design

Images in black and gray, which were initially produced by diluting black ink to produce a spectrum of tones, are less constrained by subject matter and may realistically show anything and anything in shades of gray.

Tattoo portraiture

Amazingly realistic tattoos may be achieved using portraiture, a subgenre of realism that consists of, well, realistic renditions of images. Artists have the capacity to create very realistic portraits of humans in both colorful and black and gray, even without the black borders of certain of the more conventional forms.

Tattoo stick and poke

The potential of stick-n-poke, a technique where an artist makes basic drawings with just one needle. In the skilled hands of a professional, this art may reach breathtaking heights; it is characterized by strong, powerful lines, usually in plain black with tiny ornamental motifs. Recently, DIY tattoo artists have made it popular.

Tattoo realism

Tattoos that are realistic can depict anything, including people, animals, and scenery. 

This traditional tattoo design is perfect if you want to depict anything really exact, whether it consists of black and white or color. It requires a talented tattoo artist as well as tattoo designer to produce a realistic-looking piece of art with outstanding visual impact, as realistic tattoos are difficult to get exactly right.

Style of blackwork tattoos

The initial tribal tattoos served as the inspiration for the blackwork tattoo style, which features thick, dramatic black lines into a variety of geometric forms. However, creators are still pushing the boundaries of this genre, fusing patterns, and images from many sources into captivating compositions that swirl in various directions around the body.

Biomechanical body art

Biomechanical tattoos ( are usually applied freehand and are designed to resemble technology that may be concealed beneath the skin. They blend in with the natural flow of the wearer’s body. When you mention these bad boys, it’s difficult to avoid the name Roman Abrego—his depictions of aliens and mechanical creatures frequently adorn his customers’ arms and legs.

Geometric-inspired body art

These days, geometric tattoos are quite fashionable and, done well, may last a lifetime. They may just have geometric components, or they may have both geometric and organic (typically floral or natural) components. The body’s natural curves contrast sharply with the precise lines that compose this tattoo design, making them stand out strikingly.

True-to-life Trash Polka ink

Its elaborate form, which resembles a collage, and its sample of printed materials—from handwriting to photographs, paint splashes to typewriting—make it easily identifiable.

The surrealist tattoo designs.

Surrealism provides painters with an abundance of inspiration. The artist’s goal is fulfilled for as long as the spectator has that sense of exquisite fantasy after experiencing the work, regardless of the subject matter or creative style changes.