Photographer Advice: How To Look Stylish on Your Wedding Day

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the wedding photos. You want them to look beautiful, as they are a lasting memory of your wedding day. Every couple has something special to them, so find a way to incorporate that into your photos. But still, there are some general rules you can follow for mesmerizing wedding photos, so hear the photographer’s advice. This is how to look stylish on your wedding day.

Be Natural

Overhyped poses on Instagram look fake in wedding photos. The photographer wants to catch a real moment between you and your significant other. Those little stolen glances between you on the day or how you laugh naturally make for the best shots.

So don’t overdo it with practice and just try to be yourself on the day. Try to have fun with your spouse-to-be and the photos of your wedding day will look stylish.

You Can Match Outfits

There are so many ways how a bride and groom can match at their wedding. You can wear matching shoes, outfits, or accessories. The most effective and effortless way to look stylish on your big day is probably through matching accessories.

These small details allow you to take pictures that look like they were taken for a bridal magazine. Best of all, styling with accessories is easy. If the bride is wearing red earrings or necklace, the groom can wear a red tie or bow. It is simple, but you can always change after the photoshoot.

Don’t Forget the Background

One thing many people forget to consider when trying to look their best is the venue and destination. A wedding is one of the most special moments for many people. It can be a truly beautiful experience getting married with gorgeous scenery in the background to compliment you. Imagine staying in Queenstown New Zealand and having your wedding ceremony surrounded by mountainous hills, or the beautiful islands of Fiji, Hawaii, & Vanuatu. The wedding destination can add a lot of style to your perfect day.

Your Suit is Important

Of course, you will choose whatever suit or dress you like. But the important part is to take care of them from the moment you pick them up till the wedding. Wrinkles in your suit or dress can make any wedding photo look bad. Take good care of your dress and keep your suit looking fresh for the day.

Choose Your Hair and Makeup with Caution

As any successful event planner knows, choosing your crew is the most important thing. So when the time comes to pick your hair and makeup artist, try to find the best ones. They will make any wedding look seem perfect for you, the audience, and most importantly, the camera.

Every professional artist knows that what the eye and camera see are two different things. Styling for the wedding photo and ceremony can be done perfectly with minor alterations. This way you will look the way you want both when getting married and in the photos.

Pack an Emergency Bag

Entrust an emergency bag with one of your friends. It should contain makeup and hair products that can easily fix your look should something go wrong. Other necessities include a thread and needle, tweezers, antiperspirant, a spear belt for the groom, fashion tape, extra jewelry, etc.

Be Careful with Tanning

Tanning is one of the many ways brides and grooms try to look better in the photos. You don’t want to end up looking awful in the pictures, so be careful with this. Schedule a few appointments and don’t overdo it. Your tan may end up looking orange in the photos.

And while it is possible for photographers to balance it out in the final product, it will take more time (and possibly money) for your wedding photographer to do so. Go a shade lighter than you normally do for special occasions.

Choose a Wedding Photographer Wisely

Besides you and your significant other, the wedding photographer is arguably the most important person. You may look stylish on your wedding day, but a photographer who doesn’t know what they are doing will not capture the moment as you had hoped. So choose who takes photos of you on your big day wisely.