The Best Luxury Gifts for Him

Just a little bit of thoughtfulness and care can go a long way in finding the best luxury gifts for him that are both stylish and practical.

When getting down to find a perfect gift for the special men in your life, it can easily get a little trickier. The fact that men are traditionally drawn to pragmatic fashion items adds a whole different dimension too. Overwhelm and confused, it’s no surprise that many people often get drawn to finding the trendiest of items for their men and hope that it turns out to be the best as well.

As it turns out on most occasions, however, that the secret to find the best luxury gifts for him is more simple than what you think in your mind. As many stylists would point out, men tend to prefer gifts that are practical and useful in their everyday life. Add to that some meaning, purpose, and authenticity; and you would be all set to charm him with your gifts.

To that point, today, we try to figure out a comprehensive formula to find the perfect luxury gift for your special men in this ever-changing gift giving seasons.

Clean and Classic Fashion for the Timeless Men

For men, timelessness often translates into understated items made out of clean and comfortable fabrics. Clothes that are versatile and can be combined with already existing items also make up for a clean look. That’s the reason why a pair of chino pants or a blazer is so popular among the classiest men.

Of course, you can always opt for a solid-coloured suit. But to keep up with the trend, opt for a blazer and chino pants made out of innovative printed jersey fabrics, that are adorned with some classical patterns. Classic patterns such as the Prince of Wales, check, Houndstooth, and camouflage is always trendy, and it’s no different this year either.

Flame the Passion of the Authentic Men

If you are looking for something more casual, choosing something that is aligned with your passion and represents who they truly are is the safest bet. So, the first step would be what your men are into. Is it sports? Outdoor adventures? Or something else? As showcased in the Mason’s Man Collection, you can also always pick up an over-sized coat or rugged pants giving an ode to the military heritage and the survival lifestyle.

Comfortable Gifts with Purpose and Meaning

No matter which style or patterns you choose, make sure that the items are comfortable to wear, while also offering an underlying purpose. For example, there are now innovative nylon fabrics made out of recycled materials like ocean plastics; which are aligned with the sustainability cause so talked about in luxury fashion. Some softer blends of stretchy fabrics, on the other hand, dry out pretty fast and doesn’t require ironing.

If you can blend these functionalities with style, you have the simplest of recipes for the best luxury gifts for him.