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Tips to Become Everyone’s Favorite Host of The Event.

Hosting an event can be stressful and overwhelming—whether you’re throwing a business event or a gathering for your family and friends. There will be many arrangements and details that require diligent attention. From planning the event to catering to your guests, a mindful host is always present and attentive.

If you want to be everyone’s favorite host and make sure your event is the talk of the town, be prepared to put in the effort required. In this article, we will walk you through amazing tips to make sure everything goes smoothly and fabulously.
Here, take a look:

Setting up the Venue

It is ideal for streamlining all your chores, so you’re not busy setting up the venue as your guests start pouring in. Last-minute arrangements always create hassles, and you don’t want to run after vendors instead of greeting your guests. Be sure to give your team strict instructions and arrive early to ensure that the venue is ready.

The list of chores is unexhaustive, such as setting up the furniture and seating arrangements for the decorations, IT, and audio equipment. You cannot delegate these responsibilities to your external vendors and caterers without keeping a watchful eye. Be sure to arrive early to ensure that everything is in place, and the welcome drinks are ready to be served.

It’s best to make a list of all the chores and venue decorations to maintain order and discipline. Do you need to set up portable restroom trailers? Do you need to hang up banners and sponsor materials? Are all the security arrangements and fire exits in place? A to-do list will help you track progress and avoid unnecessary hiccups to greet your guests with a relaxed demeanor.

Delegating Roles

As a host, if you intend to do everything yourself, mistakes are bound to happen. Delegation is the art of assigning responsibilities as per the strengths and interests of your team members. Your team members and volunteers must be clear about their duties, and the time-frame for performing their chores. It is advisable to print out their responsibilities, so everything is on paper, and there are no last-minute hiccups.

If you have hired speakers and performers for the event, make sure they know their roles. Be sure to accommodate them and ensure that their needs are well-attended. Do your performers require any crucial equipment, props, or other fixtures to support their performance?

A checklist will help you and your team ensure that everything is in place and on schedule.

If you haven’t met any of the performers or speakers before, be sure to greet them and introduce yourself. Showing appreciation to your performers and entertainment personnel can make a world of difference in their enthusiasm levels.

Manning the Doors

Your duties as a host or hostess begin the moment you start planning an event. But once the guests start walking in, these duties become all the more severe and significant. Manning the doors is essential to welcome your guests with chilled refreshments and a winning smile.

Do your guests require registration, name-tags, or passes?

You need to assign these responsibilities to a team of people and instruct them to remain vigilant. Your presence is also crucial to ensure that your guests know who is the force behind the event. It is also essential to prevent stags and uninvited people from entering the premises.

Circulating & Navigating

Have you ever spent hours trying to locate the venue or entrance for an event? As a host, think back to all the disastrous events that you have attended yourself. Please make a note of all the issues, and focus on overcoming them to ensure a fabulous experience.

Signage will help your guests navigate the venue, locate the entrance, toilets, buffet, fire exits, and entertainment. It is crucial to ensure that all your guests have a good time and that there is no foul behavior across the audience.

Could you encourage them to Participate?

Guests and attendees are only likely to rave about your event if encouraged to participate and have a good time. It is vital to promote participation by circulating through the room and ensuring no one struggles with boredom. Make multiple rounds across the venue with intervals, and maintain contact with all your guests.

Many hosts end up dedicating more time to their VIP guests, which can cause other attendees to feel overlooked and inferior. Even if you think it’s crucial to provide special treatment to specific guests, don’t make it too visible. Extend the same courtesy and care towards all your other guests.

If your guests are fiddling with their phones, they are likely to be bored and kill time until they can leave. To become everyone’s favorite host, you need to include programs and entertainment-focused on audience participation.

Create elaborate photo booths and a charming décor that inspires your audience and keeps them entertained. Photobooths, appetizer vendors, food stalls, and mini-exhibitions are great strategies to keep people busy and immersed. You can also instruct your speakers and performers to engage your audience and invite them to participate. Ice-breaker games, friendly competitions, and stand-up comedy will allow your guests to feel relaxed and engaged.

Be sure to gain feedback from your guests throughout the event. Skim through the crowd to ensure that every guest has drinks and hot food.

If some guests have complaints regarding the service, send your team members to cater to their needs, and ensure satisfaction. You don’t want to leave feedback until after the event, as ongoing feedback will help you eliminate dissatisfaction without delay.

Keeping track of time is indeed the most challenging of management responsibilities for hosts and hostesses. Events are usually time-sensitive, and each activity needs to begin and end within the allocated schedule. If you don’t reach the venue timely, don’t expect your vendors and team members to be mindful of the program. Make sure that the food does not get delayed, and all entertainment arrangements are well-disciplined, so the event can conclude as planned.