What Are the Reasons for Needing a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

There are often more factors involved in motorcycle accidents than expected

It would be wonderful to think that following a motorbike accident, you could rely on the insurance provider to quickly and amicably resolve your claim and give you every dollar you are due without a struggle. That might even occur on rare occasions.

Unfortunately, things don’t typically work out like this. Serious injuries and disputes with the insurance companies over what caused the collision are frequent outcomes of motorcycle accidents. Just alone is reason enough to hire legal counsel.

Here are a few potential issues that can develop following motorcycle collisions, along with advice on how a motorcycle accident lawyer can keep your case on track while minimizing them.

Collecting evidence can be challenging

Evidence is swiftly cleared from the scene of each collision to make room for traffic. Motorcycles are substantially more compact than automobiles, making it more difficult to ascertain accident specifics by examining the actual vehicles.

The collection of evidence right after the accident is not your top concern if you are hurt. By the time you’re considering seeking compensation, the majority of the evidence has probably been disproven.

Lawyers have means to gather evidence, nevertheless, even after the road has been cleaned up, thanks to their experiences and other resources. To facilitate this process, it may be necessary to identify and conserve any potential video sources, interact with traffic engineers and accident site reconstructionists, and follow up with eyewitnesses.

Complications Associated With Serious Injuries

Motorcycle riders and other accident victims are more at risk in the event of a collision without the safety of a larger vehicle. The pain and injury can have a fatal or life-altering effect and can range from severe head and spine injuries to broken legs and skin damage.

Insurance companies hunt for any way to disprove that the activities of their client were to blame for these severe injuries. They investigate any underlying or pre-existing conditions you may have and employ strategies that present in a way that benefits their financial situation.

Fortunately, motorcycle accident attorneys are knowledgeable on how to prove that the accident was the cause of your injuries. To assist you in receiving a reasonable payment, they take into account your medical expenses, missed wages, and motorcycle accident proof.  

It is important to consider the road conditions

Potholes, rain, and other road problems are not favorites of drivers, but bikers are considerably more at risk from these risks. It’s not always easy to pinpoint how a particular accident was caused by the weather and the state of the roads.

You may also be partially liable for your injuries if the local government is responsible for the road you were on. Working with an attorney takes the weight off your shoulders when dealing with these kinds of entities on your own.

The law is often unfamiliar to injured people and their resources are limited

Personal injury attorneys devote their careers to learning the law so that their clients can concentrate on getting better and taking care of their families. Additionally, they frequently have a network of resources, including medical specialists and accident reconstructionists, to aid in the development of compelling cases.

For instance, it could take a while before you fully understand the effects of a catastrophic brain injury. The statute of limitations, which places a deadline on when you must file a lawsuit, must also be respected. That is a lot to remember on your own.

The attorney keeps an eye on how you are doing while keeping the statute of limitations in mind. As a interim measure, they can talk to neurological experts about what your brain injury means for the rest of your life.   

The negotiation process is challenging

Any negotiation can be stressful, but going up against the major insurance providers after an injury can be particularly difficult. It’s difficult to maintain track of the offers and counteroffers while speaking with the insurance provider face-to-face without unintentionally weakening your position.

Again, your attorney is knowledgeable about this particular facet of a motorcycle accident lawsuit. When your livelihood is on the line, negotiation is an art that is usually best left to the professionals.

There is a possibility of bias among insurance companies and juries

Unfortunately, a lot of people have biases against motorbike riders. They frequently fit the stereotype of being careless and irresponsible people. Insurance adjusters and juries might believe that someone who is riding a motorcycle is at least somewhat to blame for the accident and their injuries if there isn’t strong evidence to the contrary.

Naturally, those who file personal injury claims or motorcycle accident claims won’t find this fair. Since they are aware of this, personal injury attorneys are prepared to emphasize your good behavior at the time of the accident.

Getting an attorney as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident

The majority of the time, it is highly beneficial to consult an attorney as soon as feasible. The lawyer has the best chance of developing a compelling argument and avoiding mistakes with this early access to information and evidence.