3 Ways To Add Dapper Style To Your Wardrobe

If you’re inclined to wear smart casual or business attire every day, there’s no reason not to look impressive and experiment with different ways to elevate your outfit. Professionally dressing up doesn’t have to mean being boring. In fact, you should use it as an excuse to look handsome, luxurious, and dapper every time. 

Whether you’re revamping your wardrobe or just making a minor change, there are many ways and tips to execute it successfully. Investing in perfectly-fitted clothes, staple clothing essentials, and not compromising on quality allows you to dress up easily without consuming energy and time. Instead of following trends, check out timeless pieces and add them to your wardrobe. 

Here are some tips you can apply in order to incorporate dapper style into your closet: 

Invest In Must-Own Dapper Clothing Essentials  

A dapper style means looking neat and trim while rocking formal or business attire. And a fashion concept is the first thing to formulate when you want to apply a dapper style. There’s no need to feel burdened with this task if you’re not the type of man who constantly searches for fashion trends. Sometimes, quick browsing on the internet will give you great ideas to look dapper. Perhaps there are social media models and influencers that you can get inspiration from. Nevertheless, here are the dapper clothing essentials that you should have:  

Dress Shirts  

It’s time to rest your T-shirts and go for dress shirts instead. Invest in solid colors, plaids, and patterned ones. You’ll be surprised how you can widely use them on different occasions and circumstances. When shopping for the perfect dress shirt, ensure it perfectly fits your body and physique. Owning crisp basic dress shirts can be perfectly paired with your trousers, so be sure to own a couple of pairs in your dapper wardrobe. Invest in staple colors as they’re easier to mix and match. You will look best in pastel shades since they are not loud at work and look more formal.    


Trousers are must-haves in your dapper closet. If you’re just starting to love them, you can purchase two to three pairs of different colors and materials. Go for chinos, slacks, khakis, or other types of dress pants. Due to their lightweight and extreme comfort, these are perfect for long hours at the office. Invest in neutral shades so you can easily pair them with your neutral-colored dress shirts too. However, keep an open mind to buy bold colors if you’re ready to experiment with different looks.   


Your dapper wardrobe won’t be complete without some must-have shoe styles for men. If you don’t own one, purchasing a pair of loafers for starters would be best. These can be the best shoes to complement any of your dapper outfits. However, if you’re ready to invest in other shoes, go for Oxfords and other dress shoes. Go for the leather material as they never go out of style and will elevate your dapper look at any time.  

Invest In Quality  

Contrary to what most men think, getting good-quality pieces doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to research well and be mindful of good-quality brands. Whether you purchase online or in brick-and-mortar stores, many reputable brands offer excellent quality dapper clothing.  

Leather shoes are an excellent investment for men. You will benefit from good-quality leather shoes because they are well crafted and made of fine materials. They are timeless and are the best weapon to complete your dapper look. It’s one of the best strategies to look handsome despite wearing a simple dress shirt and trousers.  

Invest in good blazers and jackets too. This is the first outerwear that people will see, so you should ensure they’re made of the best materials. A formal-looking coat or outer coat can enhance even casual clothing. The key here is to find a blazer that works with any dress shirt and trousers.   

Invest In Staple Colors And Styles  

It’s important to have staple pieces in fashion that you can wear repeatedly. Since they are widely accessible, you can shop for them everywhere. When buying dress pants, shirts, and shoes, always go for staple colors and styles that will allow you to mix and match easily.  

Understand the wardrobe staples every man should have, starting with a few essential pieces. Go for white, beige, brown, blue, black, and gray colors. These staple colors are very versatile and easy to play with. However, owning a few bold colors won’t hurt. You can invest in some bright colors to elevate any dapper outfit.    


Professionals often command respect by looking presentable. You can improve how you look and how people perceive you by paying attention to how you dress. And in this case, you should look dapper. By applying the tips above, you’ll be able to achieve a dapper wardrobe. Wear that confident smile along with the must-own dapper essentials in your closet.