Track-suit up! 6 ways to dress up a tracksuit as smart casual athleisure wear

Once upon a time, a tracksuit was deemed something you would typically wear only when working out or lounging around. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, many of us are probably now familiar with wearing tracksuits even while working. 

FEAST Magazine acknowledges that the athleisure trend is continuing to grow. Hence, today, wearing a tracksuit could help you to capture a ‘smart casual’ look. Here’s how you could do it.

Opt for stylish hues 

If you haven’t actually bought a tracksuit in a while, you could be pleasantly surprised by how tracksuits have evolved in aesthetic variety since you last invested in this particular kind of attire.

After all, even just a few years ago, the way a tracksuit looked might have been considered largely irrelevant. These days, though, it’s easy to shop online for high quality tracksuits in a wide range of appealing designs

However, still choose something that will look good on you specifically 

The term ‘smart casual’ has a rather fuzzy – and, consequently, potentially advantageous – one. Generally, a ‘smart casual’ look should incorporate both ‘smart’ and ‘casual’ elements. 

Therefore, you’ve got a lot of freedom over exactly how you achieve this style – and, for both your tracksuit and items you will wear with it, you can select colors and designs that seem truly ‘you’. 

Choose a tracksuit that should be easy to maintain 

Of course, you can’t be certain exactly how easily you are able to look after a particular tracksuit until you have adopted the habit of wearing and maintaining it from day to day. 

However, it would certainly bode well for your maintenance efforts if you sourced a tracksuit in a material that wouldn’t need to be ironed.  

Find just the right fit for you

This isn’t just about comfort; it’s about style as well, perhaps surprisingly. Wearing a tracksuit with a bad fit – whether because it is too tight or too baggy – will inevitably ruin your look, as you will give the impression of being too unprofessional with how you have clothed yourself. 

So, make sure you definitely know what size of tracksuit you need before you buy one.

Be careful how you accessorize your tracksuit 

DMARGE’s Joshua Green insists: “When it comes to accessorizing a tracksuit, the key is keeping it casual.” Hence, he advises you not to “add any accessories you wouldn’t throw on over gym gear; a baseball cap, sunnies and a duffel bag is more than enough”. 

If you do decide to add a bag, see if you can find one that, in fabric and construction, would visually serve as an extension of your tracksuit. 

Alongside this tracksuit, wear shoes that bring some extra flair 

As with the bag, you want to find footwear that looks as though it has been thoughtfully chosen to match or complement the tracksuit. Otherwise, you could lead people to perceive that you have put on those shoes in a hurry, tipping you a little too close to the ‘casual’ side of the ‘smart casual’ equation.