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5 Fashionable Changes to Make to Your Home

Home fashion is a lot like personal fashion: it’s important to keep things fresh. Picking up a new pair of leather shoes can freshen up your wardrobe but freshening up your home isn’t always straight forward.

Whether adding a jigsaw puzzle table to your living room, a bookcase credenza to your home office, or just repainting walls—there’s plenty of ways to update your home’s style. There’s no need to hire an interior decorator either. Follow some of these tips and your home will be looking fresh in no time!

Remove Clutter

The fastest way to freshen up your home is to clean it. Things like mopping, scrubbing, and washing windows are all great—from a sanitation standpoint—but don’t leap out immediately when it comes to overall appearance. Your home should grab the attention of guests.

Finding ways to remove clutter is the simplest way to visually freshen up your home without spending money. Remove tabletop clutter, fold blankets, and stack things like books, records, and magazines neatly. It can be helpful to add a few baskets, media trays, and other storage options as well.

Accent Furniture

Having quality furniture in your home is a quick fix for getting extra style. The downside: quality furniture isn’t cheap! While some value brands offer decent options, the total bill can get large fast. Accent furniture is a great way to add a flavor of style to a space without investing heavily in expensive furniture.

Chests, planter stands, hallway consoles, and accent chairs are all great choices. In most cases, accent furniture can be found that works well with existing décor. There are also many room-specific pieces to consider that can offer extra functionality for a room as well. For example, a jigsaw puzzle table can be a great way to freshen up your living room and support your favorite hobby!

Fresh Paint

One of the least intrusive ways to spruce up one’s home is by adding a fresh coat of paint. From re-painting old scuffed-up walls to updating with the Pantone color of the year—new paint makes things pop! As you look for painting ideas, consider the most prominent areas of your home. These are the places where fresh coats of paint will have the greatest impact. These are some common places to consider:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Entryway
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms

Painting is relatively inexpensive but takes time. Masking base and crown molding, cleaning, and sanding are time-consuming processes and not without mess. Timing wall painting with other home renovations or large-scale décor projects can help smooth out the process.

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Hanging Art

Bare walls are great places to look for opportunities to add extra style. Large canvas art, metal sculptures, and even more eccentric pieces like woven tapestries all make bold statements. Hanging art represents a wonderful balance falling somewhere between wallpaper and painting and minimalistic bare walls. Using oversized artwork can easily substitute for painting a wall.

All colors and shapes of art and décor have their place in the home. Bright oranges, yellows, and bold blues can all be incorporated well by skilled designers. However, painting walls these bold colors is a commitment—it’s tough to change after the fact. Leveraging neutral wall paint colors beneath colorful artwork is a flexible mid-ground.


Lights stage everything found within your home. Cut out the lights and your décor disappears! Updating the impression your home’s lighting makes doesn’t have to be an expensive process. In some cases, simply switching out existing bulbs with more intimate wattages, tones, or styles can have a big impact. The easiest types of lighting options to add are as follows:

  • Hanging Lights
  • Floor Lamps
  • Table Lamps

There are many other types of lighting. Other solutions such as track lighting, closet lighting, and chandeliers make great statements as well. In most cases however, these will involve cutting holes in walls and ceilings and likely require an electrician. You can rely from electricians denver for any electrical problem. Plug-and-play lighting solutions, such as an extra table lamp, are much more convenient ways to freshen up your home’s lighting without investing much money!