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Are Reviews Helpful When Buying a Mattress?

According to research detailed in a National Center for Health Statistics article, up to 70 million US residents are sufferers of a sleep disorder, like excessive daytime sleepiness, which can harm health and day-to-day functioning.

This suggests that having the right mattress for your sleeping preferences and body type is essential, and that should mean that getting the right information is critical, too. But here we ask, are mattress reviews truly that useful? Yes they are really useful and you can read some great organic mattress reviews.


You’d be amazed at the variety of mattresses on the market today. Having plenty to choose from is fantastic, but it also makes finding the best mattress for you more difficult. That’s where reviews can help.

A decent mattress review will detail everything you need to know about the product from type and material to price and warranty. For example, if you know you have back problems, a review stating that the mattress is medium-firm and made from memory-foam will highlight positive features and make choosing the right style easier.

Finding products to avoid

Mattress reviews can also help to show you which products or brands you may want to dodge. In the long run, this could save you stress and money.

There are many reviews online that compare one type of mattress to another or even one mattress brand to its competitor. Although aspects of these reviews may be opinion-based, many offer opportunities for real customers to leave comments at the bottom of the article. Consequently, you may be able to get a better insight into aspects such as: how quickly a company typically delivers a new mattress and how long-lasting the product turned out to be. Both critical to ensuring an efficient purchasing process and value for money.

Getting the best deal

On the subject of value for money, mattress reviews can also highlight quality items at competitive prices. In other words, they’re often a good way to browse from home and potentially avoid unnecessary spending.

For example, if you’re reading a mattress review that aims to compare and contrast several of your ideal mattress type from different companies, it might make the purchasing process quicker and easier compared to browsing multiple websites or wandering around a showroom. This could save a lot of time and energy!

Details vs. opinion

Another bonus of reading a mattress review is the mix of opinions and specifications.

For example, if you opt to buy your mattress in-store, you have to consider that the salesperson you deal with when choosing your purchase wants to make a sale. As a result, they’ll typically tell you all the great points of your potential new mattress and perhaps skip any flaws. Also, simply reading the specifics about a mattress might not give you the full picture. What looks good on paper (or screen) doesn’t necessarily turn out as you’d hoped.

With a mattress review, you tend to get a mix of details and opinions. For instance, you might find out that the size and material are perfect for your room and allergy sensitivities, but also that the product only got four stars out of ten in a survey.
Essentially, getting a broader view of any product before you buy is always beneficial to ensure you get a good deal and the right item.

Of course, you shouldn’t spend too much time reading review after review! Do your own research and remember that many reviews rely on opinions and can’t possibly detail the vast range of great mattresses available.

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