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6 Entertainment Ideas for A Long Vacation with Family

Family vacations are a cherished tradition, a chance to break away from the routine and immerse in new experiences together. A long vacation with family offers the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories. Take, for instance, a family getaway to Pigeon Forge, situated in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. This destination exemplifies the ideal family retreat, boasting not only breathtaking mountain vistas but a plethora of activities that cater to every age and interest. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, Pigeon Forge is the perfect destination to bask in family fun. In the spirit of such enriching getaways, let’s explore six entertaining ideas that can elevate any long family vacation, ensuring every moment is packed with joy and laughter.

1. Experience Laughter at The Comedy Barn

A visit to The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge is an absolute must for families seeking entertainment. This renowned theater has become a staple in the area, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and a lineup of performers that will have you laughing from start to finish. The show features a delightful mix of comedians, jugglers, and ventriloquists alongside adorable animals that take to the stage, ensuring a variety-packed experience for all ages.

What sets The Comedy Barn apart is its interactive nature. The show is not only about watching performers; it’s about being part of the fun. Families have the unique opportunity to become part of the show, with audience participation encouraged in many of the acts. It’s this blend of humor, performance, and audience involvement that makes a visit to this popular Pigeon Forge theater show a highlight of any Pigeon Forge vacation.

2. Exploring Nature Trails and Scenic Hikes

Away from the laughter and applause, the serene beauty of nature awaits. Pigeon Forge and its surrounding areas are rich in natural beauty, offering a multitude of trails and scenic hikes perfect for families. Exploring these trails is not just about physical activity; it’s about connecting with nature, spotting wildlife, and taking in stunning views.

When selecting a trail, it’s important to consider the fitness levels and interests of all family members. Some trails are short and suitable for young children, while others might offer a more challenging trek for older kids and adults. These nature excursions can also be educational, offering children a hands-on experience with the environment. From identifying different plant species to learning about local wildlife, hiking can be as informative as it is enjoyable.

3. Visiting Theme Parks and Attractions

For a dose of adrenaline and excitement, theme parks are a fantastic option. Pigeon Forge is home to several theme parks and attractions that offer a wide range of activities, from thrilling roller coasters to interactive exhibits. These parks provide a fun-filled day (or more) for the entire family, with something to cater to everyone’s tastes.

When planning a visit to a theme park, it’s wise to research in advance. Look into the types of rides and attractions available and plan your visit accordingly. This proactiveness ensures that you make the most of your time and don’t miss out on any must-see attractions. Also, consider the amenities offered by the park, such as dining options and rest areas, to ensure a comfortable experience for everyone. Theme parks are not only about the rides; they’re about the entire experience, from the food to the shows to the atmosphere, all combining to create lasting family memories.

4. Engaging in Local Cultural Activities

Immersing in the local culture is an enriching way to enhance your long vacation experience. Every destination has its unique cultural fabric, and Pigeon Forge is no exception. Participating in local cultural activities offers a glimpse into the region’s heritage and traditions, making for an educational and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Consider visiting the local museums to learn about the history and art of the region. Many museums offer interactive exhibits, which are particularly engaging for children, making learning both fun and memorable. Attending local festivals is another way to experience the culture. These festivals often showcase traditional music, dance, crafts, and food, providing a comprehensive cultural experience. Trying the local cuisine is also a must. Food is a significant part of any culture, and enjoying regional specialties can be a delightful experience for the whole family. Engaging in these cultural activities not only entertains but also broadens the horizons of all family members, enriching your vacation with meaningful experiences.

5. Water-Based Fun: Beaches, Lakes, and Pools

Water-based activities are a fantastic way to bond and have fun as a family, especially if your vacation destination is near a beach or lake or has good pool facilities. These activities provide a refreshing break from the routine and are a great way to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Beach destinations offer numerous opportunities for family fun, from building sandcastles and playing beach volleyball to swimming and sunbathing. If your vacation spot is near a lake, consider renting a boat for a day of exploration on the water, or try fishing, which can be a peaceful and bonding experience. Many resorts also offer pool facilities, ideal for a relaxing day, splashing around, or engaging in pool games.

When planning water-based activities, safety should always be a priority. Ensure that all family members, especially children, are aware of water safety rules. Always supervise children when they are in or near water. These activities not only provide a fun and relaxing experience but also create cherished family memories by the water.

6. Evening Entertainment: Movies, Games, and Campfires

After a day full of activities, evenings on a family vacation can be a time for relaxation and bonding. Engaging in evening entertainment activities can bring the family together and provide a perfect end to your day.

Watching a family movie can be a great way to unwind. Choose a film that appeals to all age groups and enjoy it together with some popcorn and snacks. Alternatively, playing board games can be a fun and engaging activity. Games are not only entertaining but also promote teamwork and family bonding.

For a more outdoor experience, consider having a campfire if your vacation spot permits. Sitting around a fire, roasting marshmallows, sharing stories, or even singing songs can be a magical experience, especially for children. It’s a simple yet incredibly rewarding way to connect and enjoy the simpler pleasures of life.


A long family vacation offers endless possibilities for fun, adventure, and bonding. Whether it’s through laughter at The Comedy Barn, exploring nature trails, visiting theme parks, immersing in local culture, enjoying water-based activities, or relaxing with evening entertainment, each activity brings its unique flavor to your holiday experience. These ideas not only ensure that every family member has an enjoyable time but also contribute to creating lasting memories together. Remember, the essence of a family vacation lies in experiencing joy and togetherness, no matter where you are or what you do.