Eco-Friendly Ecommerce Advice

Your ecommerce website can create opportunities for your career you never knew were possible. As you begin to make more sales, you can also have new doors open for you that allow you to truly define your professional and personal values in the work you do. If you create your website using the best ecommerce website builder, it can create opportunities for your career you never knew were possible.

One major area of emphasis that many are turning to nowadays is the idea of keeping ecommerce as eco-friendly as possible. This is more than just a business move; eco-friendly business practices benefit us all in the long run. They can also keep your ecommerce site rooted in positive growth and responsible entrepreneurship.

Encourage Recycling

An easy way to implement more eco-friendly practices into your business is to recycle whenever possible. Something many cosmetic ecommerce sites will do is offer a percentage off of orders when packaging is returned to them for recycling. If that seems too daunting, have customers take a picture or provide a receipt that proves they are recycling their “empties” after the product is gone. This keeps your customers thinking as environmentally friendly as possible and instill within them a responsibility to the environment they will associate with your business.

That’s a positive impact to make while implementing your brand into your consumer base. It’s better to be known for a good cause than just the simple process of selling and making money.

Choose Eco-Friendly Packing Material

Another easy way to implement eco-friendly practices is make your packaging as environmentally conscious as possible. This means eliminating inserts that are not necessary. After all, if you open a Shopify furniture store, you’re going to be using a lot of packaging. Might as well to make it earth-friendly.

For many, things like packing peanuts and bubble wrap can seem like an extra peace of mind for the customer, but as we have seen over the last 15 years, fewer companies are using those sorts of inserts and are instead choosing to go with recyclable materials.

Inserting cardboard boxes into your packaging, shoppers can easily recycle, as opposed to packing peanuts that may get loose in the environment and cause hazards to the ecosystem. If you have to use any sort of plastic in your packaging, try to ensure it is biodegradable. The damage plastic can do to the environment is unconscionable and should be avoided at all costs.

Offer Support to a Good Cause

Make it a point of pride for your ecommerce site to support a green cause. This could be a number of different things. Many choose to support animal sanctuaries, local organizations in their community, and even national groups that advocate for changes in the law to promote an eco-friendlier country.

A good way to keep things local is to organize a neighborhood cleanup. Even though some of your customers will not be able to come participate, they can do things in their own neighborhoods to help out. A popular social media trend has become picking up three pieces of plastic a day and posting a picture. Create a hashtag for your customers to share and track who is participating. Do giveaways or offer discount codes to promote the cause.

Leading with a Green Footprint

Your customers, and really anyone shopping on an ecommerce site, want to feel they are doing good, even when they are just picking up a new pair of shoes or a set of tools. Doing your part helps them do theirs andit builds a supportive community that fosters real change on our planet.

This is not just some marketing technique either. The Earth is a finite place that requires our care. If you can implement such practices into your business, your success can also mean the success of the planet, making you and your site a cause bigger than just shopping.