Clothes and Accessories Summer Gifts for Her

Let’s be clear: If you buy clothes for a woman without her, it is at your risk and peril. You may think that you know them well, but women and clothes are a difficult mix to get right, all the time. Even they are often unsure of what they have just bought, earlier in the day. However, if you feel secure and you have good tastes, hitting the mark could go a long way for a new relationship or an old one. Here are a few suggestions.

The Cool Surprise: A Summer Bag

If there is one thing that women like more than bags, it is shoes. But you certainly don’t want to head down that second road, so let’s stick with summer bags. Although a purse is a safe bet in any season, they can be trickier. It would imply that you know her wardrobe well, so that the purse fits with most of the elements it contains. But a summer bag is a (almost) sure hit. Even more so, if you choose one from the “Summer Odyssey” collection, by Vanessa Bruno. Whoever is the lucky new owner of one of these cabas, will feel stylish and at the top of fashion, all summer long. You can also choose a raffia bag or basket, if the girl you are buying it for, is the cool and comfortable type.

If You like taking Risks

Summer 2022 is the one where “anything goes,” or almost, in fashion. There are so many different trends, that almost everyone seems to be getting it right, even those that haven’t been shopping for the last 30 years. This said, there is one fashion item that many girls will want in their wardrobe this summer and that is the mini skirt. They don’t come back in fashion so often, therefore, it is now or never to show the great sports legs that they work so hard for at the gym. However, if you do decide for a mini skirt, there are a few things we suggest. One: Make sure it is for your girlfriend or wife (other options are at your own risk). Two: Ask the store if it can be exchanged, as it probably will be. And finally, Don’t go too short…

The Safe Bet: Accessories

Accessories are the best, all year long. They are an easy gift to give, and a fun one to receive. They don’t need to be expensive, as many fantasy jewellery is liked by women of all ages, these days. They also make great reminders, as time goes by. The trick is to find the right one. If you want to be trendy, look for accessories that include elements of the sea. For example, if you buy a bracelet with trinkets on it, try to include a sea star, fishes, a lighthouse and other items you find on or near a beach. It is summer time, so go wild instead of conservative. Keep that gold chain for Christmas, and buy a multicolour collar instead. Get her smiling, life is too short to be sad; especially in summer time!