Country Style Tips: How to Pull Off the Urban Cowboy Look

The urban cowboy look is always in style. And how could it not be? It’s manly, a little dangerous, and precisely designed to make you feel comfortable.

But like every style, it has its drawbacks too. For one, there’s always the risk of going overboard and looking like you’re headed to a costume party or a rodeo. But thanks to our fashion-savvy advice, you’ll look like the cool modern cowboy that you are. So, next time you’re shopping for country clothing, keep the following things in mind.

When in Doubt, Wear Denim!

Denim has always been the most popular fabric in western fashion. After all, cowboys need to wear comfortable, long-lasting clothing while working. And denim is the perfect blend of durable, protective and UV-resistant.

But denim is also a mainstay of mainstream urban style and a common part of the most fashionable men’s wardrobes. Therefore, by wearing carefully selected denim pieces, you can look both country and metropolitan at once.


There are several ways to incorporate denim into your clothes collection, including skinny, boot cut and relaxed jeans, jackets, vests, and shirts. A great look is when you pair a piece of denim with plaid patterns. This can be, for instance, a denim jacket or jeans with a checkered shirt to really embody the urban cowboy mentality. If you want to up the ante on your outfit, jeans also look excellent with cowboy boots.

You could even go all out and dress from top to bottom in denim. Double denim can be risky, though, so keep that in mind and carefully consider your chosen pieces. 

Make sure that the washes on your top and bottom are at least somewhat different to avoid replicating Justin Timberlake’s and Britney Spears’ historic fashion faux pas. Consider wearing a blazer or blouse with a lighter wash of denim and jeans with a deeper wash. Matching the washes can work only if the denim is extremely dark, almost black, but proceed with care.

Invest in Quality Country Shirts

A shirt is one of the staple pieces when it comes to country clothing. It often makes up the basis of an outfit, so make sure you have a good collection of shirts to choose from when creating an urban cowboy outfit. 

First of all, whatever you do, avoid wearing short-sleeved western t-shirts. They appear silly and make you look like a little child.

Choose a long-sleeved shirt instead, which allows you to roll the sleeves up if you start to become warm. And in addition to keeping you cool, rolling up your sleeves on a western shirt will show off your wrists and make you look hot. So, that’s a huge bonus point.

For a truly authentic cowboy appearance, plaid shirts are excellent, but you can also choose more straightforward monochromatic designs. Shirts made of cotton and linen breathe well, making them ideal for the summer.

An excellent choice for cooler days is a flannel shirt. Additionally, a flannel plaid shirt is a terrific way to give your cowboy appearance a rockstar flair. Together, the two features create a pretty cool shirt. You can shop quality shirts at stores stocking renowned brands like Wrangler, Blundstone or Ariat clothing.

Make a Statement with Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are unquestionably the most popular item when it comes to men’s western fashion. Wearing an edgy boot design quickly gets everyone’s attention. This can be positive or negative, depending on your choice.

That said, never choose a dramatic design when hunting for cowboy boots. Overly adorned or loudly coloured cowboy boots will only make you look like a cartoon character.


Simplicity is what you should be going for because the cowboy boot design is adventurous on its own. Choose boots with country-style accents like exquisite stitching in a neutral colour. These patterns go well with a wide range of clothing, from formal to casual. You can even choose some well-known manufacturers of cowboy boots, including R.M. Williams, Ariat apparel or Blundstone.

Don’t Forget Your Hat When It’s Sunny

It’s always a good idea to wear a hat when you go outside in the sun. It helps protect your skin and hair from sun damage, thus slowing down the ageing process. But since you have to wear a hat, why not make it a badass one that will instantly scream Western?

That said, the ultimate all-Australian, cowboy hat design is the Akubra. Its instantly recognisable manly shape is sufficient enough to draw attention. Additionally, it is highly resistant to UV rays and all forms of weather. This way, whether you want to defend yourself from the hot summer sun or the chilly winter wind, you’ll look cool and safe.

Just make sure the hat’s design complements the contour of your face before purchasing. You don’t want to get something that’s too big or too small and seems off.

Finish the Look Off with the Right Accessories

Every outfit can benefit from accessories. However, avoid the impulse to add every piece of cowboy bling you can think of. The cool urban cowboys prefer to accessorise with a few chosen pieces.

Take your pick from aviator sunglasses to wide-brimmed hats, country-style buckle belts, jewellery, and bolo ties. Just don’t put them all at once since they are naturally flashy. If you were to do that, it would just come out as cheesy. So, only use two-three cowboy accessories to round off your look.


And when you choose the pieces, make sure that they don’t compete with each other. For example, wearing an Akubra and an edgy belt will perfectly spice up the whole look. But never wear cowboy boots with a cowboy hat if you want to look authentic. Wearing these two together can be overpowering because they are the two statement pieces of the cowboy style.

Additionally, choose a plain, monochrome cotton T-shirt instead of a plaid shirt if you want to experiment with a bolo tie, which is this year’s most popular cowboy accessory.