Fashion Trends To Try This Year

The fashion Industry has grown immensely in the past 5-10 years. Since social media has started impacting people, it has also impacted the fashion community. Not only women but men have also begun dressing fashionable and are aware of the latest trends.

The eCommerce fashion market is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.2% between 2017 and 2025, reaching a valuation of $672.71 billion by 2023, according to Statista. In 2021, sales reached $180.5 billion in the US with fashion accessories and clothing a major component.

Now, we all have dreamed of dressing as Iconic Princess Diana; here are some fashion trends you need to know:

1. Sustainable Fashion:

Sustainable fashion has become a trend in recent times. People are more aware of the latest environmental issues and are willing to shift to more sustainable ways. Therefore, ordering from second-hand websites, such as Zagumi, Swap, etc., has become a new trend. Gone are the days when high school kids bullied you for wearing cheap fashion, I guess!

2. Color Pop:

Color pop is one of the latest trends that is going on. Usually, people wear one color of clothes, say, black or white, as a whole set; they will then take a bag or wear shoes that are of the same tone but add a color pop to make the look complete. Shiney and bright bags are now a way to complete the look.

3. Leather Jackets:

The iconic Damon Salvatore fashion is back! Leather jackets have become the favorite clothing items for various fashion designers. It gives a chic yet gothic vibe and makes your outfit look cute. Imagine an outfit with a flared mini skirt, a white top with fishnet, chunky boots, and a leather jacket. It serves a cute yet gothic look.

However, in 2022 we see a return to traditional, clean-cut bomber and biker leather jacket styles following a half-decade of vegan and cruelty-free leather jackets in various colors and styles, from plus-size clothes to workwear.

4. Chunky Jackets:

No thanks to tiny blazers? The trend of oversized, boxy jackets is not going away any time soon. They are executed best in black, but they also look good in tan and white. Pair with nearly anything, including denim, simple skirts, knit dresses, complementing pants, etc. It also gives out a very formal look.

5. Crochia sets:

Perhaps the most significant fashion trend right now is crochet sets in the style of the 1970s, which Harry Styles and his “Watermelon Sugar” music video have helped to popularize. The video shows Styles and a group of partygoers enjoying fruit on the beach while wearing a wide variety of vibrantly colored crochets, vintage-printed swimwear, and resort clothing.

The video has given the well deserved attention it needed.

Since last July, searches for crochet clothes have increased by 85%, particularly for crochet dresses and crochet sets, according to the fashion search engine Lyst.

6. Corset Tops:

Corsets are hand down the most flattering fit after bodysuits. Corsets have always been notorious for tightness but give your body a perfect sculpt. Wear a corset top with the opposite type of color base. For example, a green corset top with white color green heels with some gold jewelry will be a perfect outfit for a party or just your day in the office. 

7. Monochrome:

It goes without saying that black and white go together.

There is no more timeless combination than a white button-down and black jeans, so when in doubt, go with black and white.However, as the newest fashion trends for 2022 demonstrate, just because something is black and white doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with it.

There is a monochromatic style technique for everyone; just choose one. Textural and layered pieces like Prada’s knitwear with circle cut-outs or timeless color-blocking at Louis Vuitton are just a couple of examples.

8. Pink Is The Way To Go!

In 2017, millennial pink was ubiquitous and present in every store you entered. Celebrity fashionistas adored it, and it remained popular till the end of last year in everything from clothing to home décor.

However, the next season has already announced the arrival of a brand-new pink hue: bubblegum pink.

After spending what seems like a lifetime in loungewear through many lockdowns, your wardrobe needs something punchy, bold, and brilliant that is brighter than the soft, millennial color.

Although it’s a change from the neutrals that have dominated our closets for the previous few seasons, I’m ready to incorporate this dose of excitement into my wardrobe.


Fashion has changed immensely, and some of the styles there have adapted and changed over time. This industry keeps growing, and content creators will be the backbone of this industry; therefore, style away!