Dance Inspired Fashion For Summer

Clothes That Breathe

The summer is here, and it’s delightfully warm this year. 2018 saw some exceptional heat waves make laps across the country. Almost in knee-jerk response, 2019 has been delightfully cool, though perhaps too cool in places like the Rocky Mountains, where the first day of summer in 2019 actually heralded a snowstorm.

Regardless, for all the summer activities you love best, you are going to want clothing which is both stylish, and comfortable. The level of comfort and ability to move built into certain summer clothing will have a direct relationship. Increased motion will coincide with increased comfort, decreased motion will be more uncomfortable—generally speaking.

Dance wear, in this respect, can be very appropriate. There are even stylistic trends which are defining how this family of clothing is best maximized during summer. Following, we’ll explore a few trends that you may want to consider. At Just For Kix you’ll be able to find many styles like these, and most effectively build your stylish, comfortable summer repertoire.

Flowing, Breezy, Oriental Beauty

If you’ve ever watched some of the seasonal festivals that transpire in the subcontinent of India, you’ve likely been witness to exceptionally colorful spectacles of dance and music. There’s a cultural element here, and it’s built in part around clothing styles which give Indian women a high degree of motion while keeping them from overheating. These styles are often well-represented on varying dance floors.

Spanx, Spandex, And More

Spanx and spandex can be perfectly appropriate for summer. They keep everything in the right place, physically speaking, while yet “breathing”, and giving you a full range of motion. For running, jumping, or even hiking—provided you don’t scale too high a mountain—these pants can be ideal, and go with a variety of tops.

Harem Pants

You’ve likely seen harem pants in varying hip-hop videos. These low-cut pants are tight around the ankles but “fluff” out a bit in the leg area. Think Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. These can be comfortable, they breathe, they’re easy to find, and they’re great for summer.

Casual Cotton Bottoms

So in dance studios across the countries, girls will wear sweats that are cinched up at the waist, revealing the ankles and calves. Sometimes these pants are form-fitting, sometimes they’re loose. Either way, casual cotton bottoms pants—somewhere between shorts and pants in terms of length—can give you an edgy look while still remaining airy and flexible.

A Simple Sundress

A sundress is just the thing for summer. It’s a casual, well-known fashion piece that allows for a good range of motion and ventilation. In general, dresses that aren’t of the long-flowing, formal variety are ideal for summer—which you wear will depend on your style, your features, and your preferences. Some with red hair prefer green on them, some want to double-down on the red.

The Runner’s Top

Often a sports bra combined with a loose and comfortable jacket are all you need. If it gets hot, tie the jacket around your waist. Otherwise you can feel the wind on your midriff, cover up for prying eyes, and yet embrace the summer.

Finding The Styles That Best Fit You

These are just a few suggestions, there’s always room for your own unique input. Summer is the time when the bloom of spring reaches full flourish. For yourself to fully flourish as an individual, you’ll want to eat right and exercise right—but you’ll also want to tend to your mind.

It’s unhealthy to remain indoors too long on a computer screen; get some sun, and dress for the season. Dance-inspired options are very appropriate for this time of year, you may want to consider a few!