10 Fashion Essentials for Florida Women

If you’re considering moving to Florida, there must be so much that’s on your mind. Organizing a move is no easy feat under any circumstances, but you may not need to consider your wardrobe too much if you aren’t moving to the Sunshine State. If you’re wondering what clothes to wear in Florida after you’ve moved, lean more towards summer holiday attire. The weather is so pleasant year-round, that you might feel like you are on holiday, even during a busy workweek. Although these are the 10 fashion essentials for Florida women, they could also be looked at as 10 wardrobe essentials everyone should own for the summer months.

Jean shorts

Jean shorts are one of the top entries on every wardrobe basics checklist. Whether you make your own cutoffs from old jeans or you like to buy them fresh, this casual staple will come in handy in Florida for sure. It’s got all of the comfort of a good pair of jeans while still being appropriate for the hot Florida weather. In order to make your long distance move in Florida enjoyable, you might want to put it at the top of your suitcase so you can be comfortable once you start moving in.

Swimsuits and bikinis

A good swimsuit that compliments your figure is what every girl should have in her closet. However, this article of clothing is a true fashion staple for Florida women as the opportunities for beach or poolside fun are plentiful in this state. If you can manage, try to have at least two different ones that you can rotate so as to avoid those stubborn tan lines.


Another beach-related article of clothing that can come in useful in Florida is a good caftan. Caftans are great because they look great no matter what your body type or how satisfied you are with your figure. In recent years, it has climbed to the top of the list of the 10 fashion essentials for Florida women. The reason for this the fact that it is not just great for the beach, but for lounging at home or in your backyard as well. It’s also a great way of adding a pop of color into your wardrobe.

A plain white tee

Much like the jean shorts already mentioned, a plain white T-shirt is surely on every wardrobe basics checklist. It’s easy to style as it pretty much goes well with everything. For a casual coffee, you might wear it with your jean shorts and flats, but if you pair it with a fancy skirt, you could even wear it to work or a nice dinner. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can opt to wear some printed shirts. There are different designs to choose from like cute animal prints, typography shirts, or even those with dark humor like Steven Rhodes collection.


No matter where in Florida you live, the great weather will allow for lots of outdoor fun. Even if you aren’t particularly sporty, you will probably enjoy exploring your new neighborhood on foot. Whether a casual sneaker or a more elegant ballet flat is just your style, make sure you have a pair of trusty flat shoes you can don and know you’ll be comfortable.

An evening dress

Florida’s capital Miami (but other major cities as well) is famous for its vibrant nightlife. One of the 10 fashion essentials for Florida women is surely an evening dress. Whether clubbing is your scene, or you’re more into restaurants and bars, you are sure to get a lot of wear out of an evening dress. Something as trendy as a high-slit dress will be appropriate for a variety of different occasions.


A sleek pair of high heels is what every girl should have in her closet so it’s natural that it is one of the 10 fashion staples for Florida women. No matter how much actual wear you get out of them depending on your lifestyle, it’s good to know they’re in your closet for when you need them. And if you live in Florida, you are bound to.

A hat

With the constant negative changes in the ozone layer, experts can’t emphasize the importance of sun protection enough. Obviously, sunscreen will be your first line of defense, but a good hat with a wide brim will keep your face in the shade and stave off those unwanted lines.


Before you decide to start over in Florida, make sure you are familiar with all of the ways in which your skin needs protection. The sunshine, while making the Sunshine State attractive for its pleasant climate, can wreak havoc not only on your skin, but also your eyes. Sunglasses are definitely one of the 10 fashion essentials for Florida women because they don’t only keep you stylish. They also keep the skin around your eyes youthful and your eyesight intact.

A medium-sized bag

Accessories are often as important as certain wardrobe staples. A good bag is not only functional but it can also make a rather plain outfit show-stopping. Depending on the rest of your wardrobe, you might want to choose a more colorful bag which will elevate your style and make it more fun. One thing you should definitely pay attention to is the size of your staple bag. You want to be able to fit everything you need during a busy day. However, if it’s too big, you won’t be able to find anything in it in a timely manner. No wardrobe basics checklist is done without the perfect bag, not even the 10 fashion essentials for Florida women.