Design Ideas for a Custom Wedding Book

Few milestones in a person’s life are as exciting as their wedding day. If you’re planning a wedding or love someone who is, it’s likely you’re thinking about ways to make your wedding all the more special. If you’re hoping to preserve memories, one way to do it is to design a custom wedding album along the way. For a few ideas on how you can create the perfect custom wedding album as you make those plans for your big day, read on.

Collecting Memories During Planning

Many brides focus on creating the perfect wedding photo book with pictures from the special day. They forget about the potential for a great scrapbook-style photo book that includes the memories made along the way. If you’re hoping to be a little different, and even making your day more memorable for your friends and family, consider creating a custom wedding book for guests from Mixbook. Your book for guests could include candid and funny pictures during the wedding planning process. It could also include pictures of your modern love story with things like shots from the bachelorette and bachelor parties and even you and your partner’s love story. Adding tiny details about how your partner and you met, your dreams as a couple, and your favorite moments together so far could be a fantastic way to make your wedding more personal.

With Mixbook, you don’t need to be a professional designer in order to create a guest book that looks like it was made by the pros. This company offers a variety of templates, themes, backgrounds, and inspiration ideas to make any project unique. You can personalize your wedding book as much as you like or simply upload your own photos and you’ll be well on your way to a fantastic keepsake.

Photos from Your Special Day

If you’d rather wait for your special day to create your wedding album, consider coming up with a theme early on. You can get the basic page layout and design of your Mixbook project done ahead of time and upload your wedding photos after returning from your honeymoon. This way, you can add those pictures as well. In planning ahead, you’ll come out with a better project and something that’s more organized than something you slap together after your special day and honeymoon. When creating your special day album, be sure to include pictures that represent places and objects that matter to you most. While it’s important to include people, too, a picture of a bouquet or party favor will be important to set an overall tone for your wedding album.

Being Original

Being uniquely you and showing off you and your partner’s personalities in an authentic way is important when it comes to preserving memories. This reason alone is why creating a custom wedding album with your favorite wedding memories is so important. As you design your album with Mixbook, be sure to use those text boxes to add special memories and quotes. You could even include those vows if you wrote them yourself; something that will make your book more special overall.

At the end of the day, having a gorgeous wedding album for your coffee table will help ensure you never forget those special moments from your big day. By using Mixbook to create a custom wedding album of not only pictures from your ceremony but even the planning stages, you’ll be sure to have a keepsake you treasure forever. Congratulations to you on your special day and best of luck in the planning stages. By your twenty-year anniversary, you’ll be glad you took the time to create a custom keepsake.