Destiny 2 Beyond Light Exotics: The Easiest Guide to Obtain Them

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light presents players with many exotic weapons to grab and kill the bosses with. The addition includes many regions, which kind of satiates the players’ wishes to explore a new world.

Exotic weapons always have a special place that every player wants to own. These can be obtained through quests, drops, killing enemies, and rewards.

Here we will explain the exact ways, so you can obtain the exotics of Destiny 2 most simply.

No Time to Explain

Players get a chance to obtain this pulse rifle when they purchase Beyond Light. This was explained by Bungie that whoever has bought the season bundle of Beyond Light will have the rifle as well.

As a perk, you can have refunds rounds the show in your magazine when you shoot precisely. Here if you can hit the enemy using Statis, you will have a portal in front of you. This portal belongs to another dimension that will shoot bullets on your behalf.

As most of you might know, a new raid, “Witch Queen,” is about to open. This is a golden chance to claim all the exotic armors and have them in your arsenal. Players can also take help from in-game services and order whatever exotic weapon they prefer. You can have the Witch Queen Lost Sector Exotic Armor that is a unique gear and will be added to your account instantly.

Eyes of Tomorrow

Many exotics have been added continuously to Destiny 2 by Bungie. Eyes of Tomorrow is one of them which has a certain drop location. You won’t have to wait for it in any random drop; this one is a part of the drop that happens in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. However, it doesn’t come with the drop every time; it also depends on players’ luck, therefore.

When you complete the Taniks, you have more chances of getting the drop. Eyes of Tomorrow launches rockets that track; you can launch many rockets at once.

The Lament

Lament is the sword that is one of the exotics. This is a favorite of the players due to doing the greatest damage to the enemy. It can destroy the toughest opponent in just seconds. This is one of the swords in the players’ wishlist after the most-sought rifles.

Here are few requirements to get Lament:

  1. First, three dead Exos on Europa are needed
  2. Secondly, locate a giant Exo in the Exo facility
  3. Then use a sword and kill100 Vex and 20 special Vex enemies
  4. Finish Reclaiming Europa, Dark Priestess, and Empire’s Fall
  5. Kill 60 Vex and return to Banshee-44

You will be delighted to know that the sword has a chainsaw on the side that makes even more quick damage.


Those who are fond of sniper rifles should own a CloudStrike as the sniper will undoubtedly impress you. Once the Varik has been completed, and Eramis’s officers are terminated, one can unlock it. You get more chances to see the drop if you complete the questline at more difficult level.

The sniper is always good to have because of its ability to rain lightning bolts wherever you want. Just one shot, and all the enemies plus the surroundings turn into ashes. Hence, when you have a tough time killing bosses, this comes as a blessing.


When you want to have a shotgun handy that can do plenty of damage, you choose Duality. Once you have become victorious in the Season of the Hunt, you obtain Duality as your reward. Also, the weapon is available once you have unlocked the Rank 35.

The shooting mechanism of the gun makes it versatile and works in different situations. The dual-shooting mechanism fires slugs and pellets as per your selection.