Discover the Best Gifts for New Moms This Spring

If your spring is coming with a new addition to the family, congratulations! However, whenever someone else you know is expecting, you often need to get some type of gift for the brand new mother. This can be very tricky for people who have never gotten or given baby gifts before, but with a little elbow grease and creativity, things should work out.

With the spring season around the corner, there are some amazing gifts out there for new mothers, so take a look and see what you would like to give!

Give Gifts That Help The Baby Sleep

One of the things that every parent expects is that their sleep schedules are going to change by a very wide margin, however, most parents don’t expect exactly how much a newborn baby is going to mess with their sleep schedule and how little shut eye they are going to get! So, any gift you give that helps the baby and the parents sleep a little better is a gift worth giving.

One of the easiest ways to send little children to dreamland is by using sleep drops for infants. These sleep drops are made with essential oils, such as chamomile and lavender, who’s scents are designed to be calming for all humans. The drops are free from melatonin, which might have you raising an eyebrow.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that humans make whenever it is time to go to sleep. It signals to our brain that it is time to slow down and is brought on by nighttime factors, such as the sun going down and things getting darker, and the night getting much colder. However, in some humans due to our health and habits, we find that we don’t produce enough melatonin to get us sleepy. This is where melatonin drops and pills come in, and they are safe for children and adults.

However, newborn babies and children under three years old shouldn’t take melatonin as their sleep cycles are still in development, so you need to use essential oils and probiotics instead. In order to make your child sleep with drops, you simply need to place nine or so drops on a spoon and feed it to your child, or mix the dosage in their water, milk, or other drink.

After a while, they will have a much easier transition to dreamland, and so will the new mother and father as well!

Good Nursing Bras Are Great Gifts

A nursing bra is going to provide some extra support if the new mother decides to breastfeed their baby. Her chest is going to get bigger to provide for all of the milk the baby will need, and as the breasts grow regular bras just aren’t going to cut it when it comes to support.

Nursing bras have wider cups to accommodate the growing breasts, and are more comfortable for the mother. However, the biggest benefit of nursing bras is that it allows for women to breastfeed their babies without needing to take the bra off. Instead, the nipples are covered by a small flap that is connected by hooks, straps, or snaps, and the flap can be unfasted to allow the baby access.

This makes breast feeding a breeze for new mothers, and allows them to have a much more convenient way to feed their baby at any time, because babies will be very hungry, when they are hungry, so the easier they can get food, the better for everyone involved. If you are a bit clueless with where to start looking for a nursing bra, then check out the nursing bra collection by Hatch

They have a very good collection of bras in all sizes, colors, and styles, so there’s a lot of amazing stock to pick from. 

Blue Note Jazz

It might make the baby smarter and more musically gifted, it might help parents relax after a very long day, and it might just be a welcome relief to hear something other than crying, but some blue note jazz is always a good gift. This online store sells records, CD’s, and other bundles of some old and new faces in the jazz scene.

Whether you know the new parents want the older vinyl collections to mellow out too after a very long day, or some of the newer CDs that they can pop into they car for a little bit of ‘me time’, the jazz from blue note will take all the new parent’s troubles away and will not disappoint them! 

You can even buy several collections from the same artist, so if you know the parents are fans of Milt Jackson or Cassandra Willson, buy them the entire discography and give them hours upon hours of listening. 

The Gift Of Your Time

It might seem like the easiest gift on this list, but it’s actually easier to buy something and call it a day. Offering up your time to watch the baby, do common household chores that exhausted parents don’t have time for, or making a store run for diapers and formula because the parents are out can be a great gift for new moms. 

New mothers can get very overwhelmed by the demands that a baby places on their bodies and their time, and having a friend or two to really rely on when things get too much for young parents is perfect for everyone. So give the gift of your time, and maybe you’ll forge a close relationship with the child as well.

Spring Into Action With These Great Gift Ideas

Giving gifts for new mothers to be is always exciting, and with a little bit of thought you can figure out what the new mom needs and then can be there to fulfill it. Every little bit of support helps, and whenever it is time to bring the new bundle of joy into the world, you can feel confident that your gift is helping the new family.