Men – Live Confidently But Without Dumb Risks

Men, you will often have people who give you advice about how you live your life. Something that you will hear over and over again is that you should be confident. That’s fine. Confidence helps with relationships. Confidence helps with job opportunities. But, if you go too far, and you become overconfident in certain situations, then you are entering the realm of unnecessary risk.

So, the good advice to take would be to live confidently, but avoid dumb decisions that are riskier than is appropriate.

Think of a few situations where this concept would benefit you. You should be a confident driver. You should be an assertive driver. You should not be a risky driver. You should learn to defend yourself in a martial arts class. You should not learn to hurt people.

You should do home improvement projects around the house confidently. You should not try to take on things that you don’t have the tools or experience to handle. Those are just a few examples that you can go more in-depth to illustrate.

Assertive Driving

When you’re on the road, you should be an assertive driver. That means that you confidently operate the gas pedal, the brake pedal, and the steering wheel. However, if you get cocky about your driving, you could end up in a car accident from your risky behavior.

Add to that, there are men who suffer from road rage issues because they feel entitled to certain behaviors as they’re driving. Do not cross from assertive driving to risky driving. It’s not worth it.

Defensive Martial Arts Training

All men should know how to defend themselves. This usually means signing up for a basic martial arts training session. You should confidently be able to handle yourself physically in situations you hope you never have to run into.

However, if you decide that you want to take martial arts training because you want to hurt people, then you are putting yourself in the category of an egotistical bully. You’ve seen them in the movies. Do not be one in real life.

Home Improvement Scenarios

As a man, you might be expected to do some home improvement projects around your house. That is awesome. If you can confidently use tools in your experience to better your home environment, that is ideal. However, some men don’t do enough research into what they’re doing.

These are the guys that end up knocking down walls, breaking windows, starting fires, and electrocuting themselves. This is not confidence. This is risky behavior that has no place in your life. Do small projects first before you take on larger ones to ensure that you understand precisely what is required to get the job done.