Essential Aspects Of A Custom Jeweller To Look For

If you have decided to go the whole nine yards with the diamond engagement ring and blow your partner’s mind with a custom-made ring, you are to be commended and such an occasion demands personalization. There are many custom jewellers out there and if you’re wondering what kind of traits would a good custom jeweller have, here are a few things to look for when talking to jewellery makers.

  • Attention To Detail – From a good custom jeweller’s perspective, It isn’t about grabbing your concept and rushing through to an approved design, indeed, it is more about uncovering your ideas and turning them into reality that is expertly hand-crafted. Creating jewellery is an art form and the best take it very seriously and their focus is always on the client.
  • Respected In The Industry – When it comes to choosing, you won’t go wrong with getting pink diamonds for investment at TDJS, a trusted jewellery designer who creates stunning pieces and has a great reputation as a talented jeweller. They would have their own studio, where you can view some impressive designs and sit down with the jeweller and discuss your needs.

  • Transparency – There should be no secrets with jewellery design and the jeweler would relish the challenge of creating something from your concept. He or she would have many images of previous creations and may utilise 3D computer technology to create a model of the ring, which really does help the client see the outcome before the work begins.
  • Working To Budget – This is an essential aspect of creating jewellery to order and on the first meeting, the budget would be set and that enables the designer to put together some ideas. Once the price is agreed, you can relax and explore the many design options and as you are the client, you get to choose the stones and the cuts, along with your preferred metal.
  • Always Meets Deadlines – With engagements and weddings, time is of the essence and the agreed timeline would be followed, ensuring that the ring is ready for the big day. You will never hear excuses from a known jewellery maker, and they pride themselves on being able to deliver on time. If you know little about diamonds, here is some diamond grading information to get you started.
  • Comprehensive Warranty – Any good jewellery maker will issue a comprehensive warranty on their workmanship and you would expect nothing else. The skilled craftsman is very confident of their creations and should there ever be any issues, they would be happy to carry out repairs.

There are quite a few well-known jewellery designers in Australia and with a Google search, you can be browsing their websites. Should you wish to make an enquiry, you can do that via their web platform. Once contact is made, you can enlighten the expert as to your concept and take things from there. Choosing a respected jewellery maker will ensure that you are more than happy with the end result, and it will cost around the same as if you chose a ring from a jewellery store.