Exercise as a stress reliever

Exercise is actively the most effective way to relieve stress, exercise in any form can act as a stress reliever. It improves overall health and sense of well-being generally.

Exercise activities can boost endorphins and distract you from daily worries, any form of exercise goes a long way in stress management.

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Below are also common exercises you can choose from and include in your management plan.


Four young women do complex of stretching yoga asanas in loft style class. Adho Mukha Svanasana – downward dog Pose.

Yoga is a physical activity that consists of movement, meditation and breathing techniques that improve health and well-being. It consists of posture, usually accompanied by breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation, it can increase endurance, strength, flexibility, calmness e.t.c. It is all about connecting one’s mind, soul, and spirit. Yoga is a popular form of exercise around the world, according to a survey, one in seven adults practices yoga. 

Yoga has six branches that represent different focus and set of characteristics. The branches include;

  • Hatha yoga

The focus of hatha yoga is mental and physical health, it aims to prime the body and mind generally.

  • Karma yoga

It focuses on ridding the mind of selfishness, hurt, revenge e.t.c. It helps create a future free of negativity.

  • Raja yoga

It encompasses meditation and strict compliance to the disciplinary steps known as the eight limbs of yoga.

  • Bhakti yoga

This aims at creating a pathway of positive energy, channeling emotions and cultivating acceptance and tolerance

  • Jnana yoga

This branch of yoga develops intellect through study, it involves wisdom, the path of scholar and knowledge.

  • Tantra yoga

It involves pathway of ritual, ceremony towards consummation of a relationship

Tai chi

Tai chi chuan also known as ‘shadow-boxing’ is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, its health benefits and meditation. Tai chi involves a series of slow movements, with postures, controlled breathing and meditative state of mind. It is an art that embraces the mind, soul and body.

Tai chi has so many health benefits ranging from physical to mental. 

Furthermore it improves strength, strength, balance and coordination, flexibility and aerobic conditions on a physical level. It has been proven to help in conditions like arthritis, improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce blood pressure and lots more. It also reduces anxiety, depression, stress, while improving memory, focus and sleep on a mental level.


Aerobics is any form of activity that involves cardiovascular conditioning ‘cardio’. Such activities may include cycling, swimming, running or even brisk walking.

Aerobic exercise simply means ‘with exercise’. There is usually increased breathing and heart rate, these exercises keep the heart, lungs and circulatory system generally healthy.

Examples of aerobic exercise you can try out are;

  • Jump rope

Jump rope is a cardio exercise that requires little to no equipment and can be performed at home. The equipment needed for this exercise is gym shoes (sneakers), jump rope. It is important to warm up 5-10 minutes before you start the exercise 

  • Running 

Running is one of the most effective aerobic exercises, it improves the state of heart, burns calories, fat e.t.c. A 20-30  minutes run 2-3 days a week is considered normal even for beginners. 

  • Zumba 

Zumba is a fun cardio activity especially if you like to dance, it is beneficial for the heart, coordination, relieves stress and times the body entirely. The only equipment needed for this exercise is a gym shoe (sneakers).


Exercises generally are beneficial to the physical and mental health. Strict adherence to these activities with the advice from your doctor and instructor, you should begin to see improvement.