Here’s What You Should Know if You’re Thinking of Becoming a Barber

It’s happened to many before. One day you’ve decided that you’ve achieved all you could have wanted to achieve at your job. You’d like a change of scenery, to try something new. You may even want to try a job that’s completely different from what you’ve been doing before. If you’re still debating what to choose for your new career path, you should consider becoming a barber. It’s a rewarding job that’ll help develop your creativity. But it can seem daunting. After all, starting all over again in a field entirely different from what you’ve been used to for years can pose some problems. However, there’s no need to fret. Keep reading the following if you want to get a better idea about what you should expect from the job and how you should prepare to take your first steps down the road of becoming a barber.

It’s a flexible job

When you become a barber, it’s pretty much impossible that you’ll ever go without work. It’s an essential profession, and there are never too many barbers around so the market can suffer from oversaturation. People need haircuts and other treatments everywhere, so you can even relocate to another city or country. If you’ve always been dreaming about moving or even traveling across the world but were worried about managing your finances when opting for such a sudden, drastic change, the answer lies in choosing to work as a hairdresser. Even if you start your career somewhere, you can always choose another place if you want a change of scenery. Few other jobs offer both flexibility and security in only one package.

Get the training

As for any other job, you can’t perform well unless you’re well-trained. If you have no previous experience as a barber, you should look into a barber course beginner when you’re looking to start your occupation. Offering both twenty- and forty-week courses, you’ll turn from a newbie to a pro in no time. Barbering is a craft and a form of art, so it’ll take many years of experience to hone your skills and develop your abilities to become the best you can be. However, the first step in doing that is getting a solid foundation.

  • The twenty-week course will teach you the basics of haircuts, including both classic patterns as well as more modern designs such as textured haircuts, crops, or fringes. You’ll have to bring your own scissors, barber cape, brushes, blow dryer, and cutting combs. If you don’t already own these items, you can buy them at the training academy where you’re enrolled.
  • The forty-week course lasts longer because classes are held only once per week, compared to twice in the case of the twenty-week course. You’ll benefit from a deduction on your accommodation prices while you’re undergoing training, and the course is available in Dutch and German as well apart from English.
  • If you’re looking to learn a little more customized skills, you can opt for Clippers ‘The Schorem Way’, which will help you improve your experience with clippers. While advanced hairstylists can also take the course, it’s an absolute must for novice trainees.

When choosing barbering courses, you’re guaranteed to learn under supportive conditions that prioritize your success. Being an inclusive environment, you’ll be surrounded by people of different ethnicities and identities. Put an end to any stalling you might have been doing and join a barbering course today. You’ll thank yourself for it very soon.

Meet new people

Throughout your career, you’ll meet a variety of people. Throughout sessions, you may even find yourself making friends with some of your customers, as many will undoubtedly strike up a conversation with you. This is a perfect way to avoid boredom and monotony at the workplace. You’ve probably already heard your friends complaining a handful of times that their jobs have them stuck in a routine. As a barber, you won’t ever have to struggle with this. Seeing new people regularly will be an instant apathy-killer.

Moreover, you’ll get to experience trying new haircutting patterns each day. Everybody will come in with different requests, some of which are likely quite challenging. It’s always interesting to test your skills and learn new things, and when you’re working with hair, continuous learning will be a constant at your job.

A gratifying part of the work is how you’ll be able to help your clients feel their best. Hair is closely tied to self-esteem. When you help make the dream hairstyles of customers a reality, you’re also helping them face themselves more confidently in the mirror and feel better about their overall appearance. While it may not seem like much of a thing for many, the truth is that the impact this has on individuals can be substantial. If you’re good at your job, you’ll build a loyal clientele base who’ll keep returning to you anytime they want to freshen up their looks.

Endless opportunities 

As outlined before, barbers are needed in any town or city. What’s more, however, is that they’re also required in many fields. While hairdressing salons are the most obvious choice, many other options exist, particularly in the entertainment area. The film industry has a high demand for professional barbers, as the actors will likely require many touch-ups before takes. Similarly, the fashion industry also needs expert hairdressers to prepare the looks of the models walking the runway. Musicians require hairstyling services during photoshoots, press releases, and album cover art pictures.

If the entertainment industry isn’t for you, you can always try getting a job as a military barber, a very secure position that can also come with additional benefits. Care facilities for seniors are another option, with hairdressing necessary to help the residents feel their best.

As a barber, many career opportunities will become available to you. You’ll notice that many doors that were likely to stay completely locked will open when becoming a hairstylist. This versatile job provides you with a sense of accomplishment and constant learning experiences.