6 Best Online Resources for Passing CompTIA N10-007Exam Like a Pro (Look for Practice Tests in This Guide)

Today, when there are great preparation resources on the market, passing any certification exam is no longer a big problem. Thus, the candidates can now achieve the passing score even for the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Dumps . This is due to the ease of access to effective study materials. These include the official prep tools from the CompTIA website, as well as other resources from reliable online platforms.

This article is created to guide you through the best online resources you can use in preparing for the Network+ certificationtest. And to help you understand what this exam is all about, we will begin by covering its peculiar features.

Some words about exam details

Obtaining the CompTIANetwork+ certification requires a good performance in the N10-007 exam. This is proof of proficiency, which includes the following:

  • Concepts in networking;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Network operations;
  • Network troubleshooting;
  • Network tools;
  • Network security.

The test is intended for those individuals who have already earned the CompTIA A+ credential and have networking experience of 9 months or more. The exam usually has no more than 90 questions with the allocated time of 90 minutes. The applicants must be able to understand how to answer questions in multiple-choice and performance-based formats. There is also a possibility to face with those questions where you need to drag and drop your answers. ExamSnap Network+ Practice Test – N10-007 has the passing core of 720/900 marks and costs $329.

Now that you understand what you should expect in this CompTIA exam, it is essential that you learn how you can pass it to get the Network+ badge. Let’s look at the best resources that you can useto prepare for this test in a dynamic manner.

Top resources for exam preparation

The best way to find out the exam details and topics is to study with resources created and approved by the industry experts. This ensures that these materials will meet the required quality and standards. And due to their variety, choosing the right prep tool can pose some problems. So, what are the best resources for passing CompTIAN10-007? Find out below.

  • study guides

The study guides for CompTIA N10-007 adjust your learning needs and provide the full pack of exam details. One of those books that is highly recommended for your use is the official guide from the CompTIA website. This is because this tutorial incorporates assessment questions at the end of each chapter. It also includes a detailed glossary. However, this is not the only study guide applicable to the N10-007 test. Here are more that you can access on Amazon:

  • CompTIA Network+ Study Guide;
  • CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Guide;
  • Network+ Practice Tests;
  • Exam Cram: CompTIA Network+;
  • CompTIA Network+ Review Guide.


  • eLearning

The CertMaster online training course from the certified instructors ensures that you will be ready for the test. The self-paced course is interactive and combines lessons with videos, performance-based quizzes, and different assessments. Itis designed to help you pass the CompTIA N10-007 exam as well as gain the skills needed for your position in the IT field. Other features of this course include games and images that will keep you engaged until the end. You will also have access to flashcards, badges, and a personalized dashboard that ensures you continue tracking your progress.

  • interactive virtual labs

Your role as an IT specialist demands that you become a qualified person to ensure quality at work or for those who need your services. The Network+ virtual labs offer you the platform for gaining critical practical skills and an in-depth understanding of the exam content. And with the use of real equipment as well as software, you are going to get valuable experience.

  • study groups

At some point during your learning, you may need a dependable study group. These groups are great when you want to get an expert opinion regarding the CompTIA N10-007 exam, or even when you need access to quality notes from the professionals. There are dependable discussion boards and online forums that you can join and getthe necessary information.

  • videotutorials

This is another best online resource to cover the content of the Network+ exam. YouTube videos are easy to use and they provide flexible learning. And one good thing about preparing with these video courses is that you get them absolutely free. To get access to these visual prep tools, go to YouTube and simply type “N10-007 tutorials”. You’ll receive a number of offers.

  • practice tests

The ExamSnap platform is a good source if you want to get all at once and at a great price.It provides valid practice teststhat cover critical networking content, including the following areas: network naming, TCP/IP applications, OSI model, Ethernet fundamentals, Cloud computing and virtualization, IP addressing, and other important domains. They also explore the routing and switching concepts as well as their characteristics. And even if you are an IT beginner, this preparation tool is your best assistant. It can help you improve your knowledge and find your strengths and weaknesses. You can buy these mock tests individually or in the bundle that also includes a study guide and video tutorials.


Theabove-mentioned online resources for the CompTIA N10-007 certification test are reliable and up-to-date. Their proper use will result in the mastery of the exam content with little or no effort. Your task is to choose your preferred learning style and work thoroughly with it. To ensure an effective preparation process, set a goal. Take advantage of these study materials to achieve your study and/or professional goals!