How to Create Your Own Vintage Aesthetic Style

In the volatile world of fashion, trends change every few months, sometimes even every few weeks! The old adage ‘what goes around comes around’ is especially true for the fashion world. And nowadays, a lot has changed in the fashion world with more people embracing quirky, fun styles over chic elegance. With this change in attitude, the quirky and funky styles of the past eras have seen a resurgence. The Vintage Aesthetic style is one among many such aesthetic styles that have become increasingly popular in everyday lives. Vintage aesthetic takes its inspiration from many past decades like the late 60s, 70s, 80s, to 90s. There aren’t any specific rules to this style. You can pick and choose what you like from the styles of these generations and make your own style statement. Let us look at some tips that can help in creating your own vintage aesthetic much easier.

Mix Old and New Styles

The simplest and most effective way to create a vintage look is to mix old clothing pieces with modern ones. While going completely vintage is doable, it’s not really a necessity. You can simply add some pieces of old clothing or accessories with your modern clothes to get that unique vintage look. You can pair a slogan T-shirt with boyfriend jeans or wear a crop top with high-rise pants and a bucket hat. If you’re not very sure what clothes to wear, you can always start with the accessories too! For example, you can add a vintage belt over your simple loose sweater or pair funky earrings and hair accessories with your modern clothes.

Give a Personal Touch to Your Outfit

While the vintage aesthetic is essentially a reflection of your love for past fashion, it does not necessarily require vintage clothing. So, to make it uniquely yours, you need to give your outfits a personal touch. Instead of blindly following the trends, think of what you love about the past decades or what clothes you love wearing. You can also add some individual touch by going for t-shirts of your favorite bands, or slogan t-shirts that you relate to. Just think about the things you love to wear, the place you like to visit, and the music you listen to, etc., and try to reflect that in your outfit. 

Pay Attention to Accessories

Vintage clothes and outfits are sometimes not as comfortable as modern clothing. Plus, if you’re very used to modern style clothes, you may find the old styles difficult to carry with the same elegance. So, does that mean vintage aesthetic is not for you? Of course not! If you’re not into vintage clothes or can’t wear them for any reason, you can still give yourself that vintage chic look with the use of accessories. Stylish hairpins, barrettes, old-style hats and caps, vintage shoes and watches, etc. are all vintage accessories that define the look. 

Don a Denim Skirt

Can denim skirt be called truly vintage if it has remained popular ever since its birth in the 70s? Well, yes, the denim skirt is indeed a very vintage piece of clothing. It is one item of vintage clothing that has survived all the tests of time. Originally, they were long ranging from knee to maxi length, but later over the years, they were shortened. Now, however, the longer versions are again in fashion. So, if you’re too confused about what vintage style to go for, simply wear a denim skirt and pair it with a nice blouse or a funky t-shirt. 

Go for Floral Prints and Tie-Dyes

Once floral prints ruled the fashion world, but slowly they faded out of fashion. However, recently, these prints have seen a great revival in all parts of the fashion industry. From clothes to accessories, bags to shoes, floral prints are everywhere. Similar to floral prints, tie-dyes have also seen a resurgence in the fashion industry of late. The latest take on this retro trend looks artfully chic and elegant. Whether worn as clothing or used in an accessory to bring colorful accents, tie-dyes have become quite the rage. With this level of popularity, you cannot go wrong wearing floral prints this year. 

Vintage aesthetic is a cyclical, vibrant, and sustainable fashion style. The trick to this style is to take inspiration from vintage clothes and accessories but wear them in your own modern style.