How To Dress Like An Italia

There’s no doubt that Italians are among the most fashionable individuals in the world. When traveling to Italy, you might want to dress like an Italian to blend in with the locals. Nothing can be more enjoyable than wearing something you’re comfortable in while immersing yourself in Italian culture. Furthermore, Italians usually pay a closer look at visitors’ clothes.

But even if you’re not going to Italy anytime soon, you can dress like an Italian if you want to. Italian fashion is synonymous with understated elegance and sensuality. It merges modern textures, prints, and colors with timeless outlines and details. If you want to add a touch of Italian style to your daily or special wear, this post is for you. 

Wear Well-Fitting Clothes 

Italians treasure a classy, tailored look that accentuates an individual’s best assets. Therefore, if you want to dress like the Italians, avoid baggy clothes. For instance, made in Italy clothing like capri pants and statement coats are a good choice for women. While Italian women wear well-fitting clothes that flaunt their features, their clothes usually cover most of the body, with minimal skin exposure.  

On the other hand, men are incomplete without a nice-fitting suit that’s crafted to complement their body and character. The suits are tailored to fit but shouldn’t be overly slim as they should be comfortable, not constrained. The suit’s materials are mainly cotton and linen to beat the Mediterranean heat. 

Furthermore, the Italian style requires a suit to be accompanied by an Italian tie. But the Italian style rejects the conventional four-in-hand technique of knotting a tie. The tie is wrapped around the fingers twice, instead of once, to give it a more spacious knot. It’s then pulled like a normal tie, but not extremely tightened. It’s pulled only to a point where it feels comfortable.

Wear Classic Shoes

Modern shoes from Italy have won the hearts of many fashionistas and are found in various stores globally. Unlike in the old days, you can now order Italian shoes in the comfort of your home. However, due to the increased demand for Italian shoes, there has been an increase in counterfeit Italian shoes. This means you should be careful when shopping. The main distinguishing feature of Italian shoes is their original and stylish designs and, more importantly, the quality. 

Therefore, choose shoes made from high-quality leather or fabric. Ensure they’re in good shape and comfortable if you’ll be wearing them the whole day. The best shoes for men to match an Italian outfit are leather or suede shoes. On the other hand, women fond of boots may choose from a variety of styles, such as high-heeled, knee-high, and riding boots.

Wear A Jacket And Sunglasses

Jackets are essential when going out at night when it’s colder or during winter. For women, a light jacket or a trench coat is an excellent choice for sudden weather changes. However, in winter, you’ll need a warmer coat like a padded winter coat, along with a hat and gloves. A well-tailored jacket goes well with any pair of jeans and leather or suede shoes for men. 

Furthermore, Italians rarely leave their homes without sunglasses because of the piercing sun during summer and spring. Shades are also an excellent way to rock any outfit and add a bit of glamorous mystery to your fashion.

Choose Outfits With Classic Colors

Although you may occasionally encounter Italians wearing bright and bold colors, they favor classic colors over loud and bold ones most of the time. You’ll find many Italians in basic trousers when they’re not wearing suits. Therefore, to dress like an Italian, stick to colors like black, dark blue, tan, cream, and white. 

However, note the time and seasons Italians wear these colors. For instance, light colors are worn in the sun to avoid attracting heat, brighter colors are common during spring, while white, tan, and cream are worn at any time of the year. Avoid unnatural colors like pink, yellow, or green, as they’ll make you look weird among Italian locals.

Have A Scarf And Carry A Bag

These two items are essential and add a sense of fashion to your outfit. Scarves are great for travelers as they can be thrown in a bag and taken out when the weather changes. 

In Italy, scarves are mostly worn to cover women’s shoulders when wearing sleeveless tops, especially in church. A bag also spices up your Italian style and helps store essential items like your smartphone, scarf, or makeup for ladies. Ladies can settle for a chic handbag, while men can go for a man’s bag or purse. 


There you go! Those are some facts you need to know to rock Italian fashion. Ensure you pack the above essentials on your next trip to Italy. This will make you blend in and immerse yourself in Italian culture. 

Even if you’re not in Italy, you can heed these pointers to dress like an Italian.