How To Dress Stylishly And Gothically: A Note For Men

You can dress in Gothic style in different ways; today’s fashion shows that there is a huge field of choice for this. We are not talking about real Goths who prefer black clothes and white skin (it’s not a subculture). Gothic can be mystical and fantasy. It is precisely these male images that will be discussed further.

The emergence of style

“Gothic” does not mean that men should be with long hair and dressed in all black, with a sad look and drooping head. Here you need to look at the style much deeper: the roots of Gothic appear in the Middle Ages. Then the era of knights and witches still reigned. At first glance, the Gothic style was born in the dark Middle Ages. But even in such a difficult period, one can envy the sense of style of the people who lived in that era.

The traditional place of origin of Gothic is France, it is there that the style originates. After that, it already spread to the rest of old Europe, especially Italy, and England. The Victorian era, for example, is characterized by its inherent eclecticism in everything from the interior to clothing. Fashionistas of that time often used gothic elements both in the arrangement of room interiors and in clothing elements.

So, gothic men’s clothing became symbols of something mysterious, unknown, beautiful, and stately.

Essential Attributes

It is worth saying that there are a lot of men’s gothic outfits of that time, and the most important thing in them is the details. If it’s enough for girls to simply pick up a dress, then men need to carefully delve into things to assemble a correct and suitable image. The essential attributes of the Gothic male style are the following things:

  • velvet;
  • pointed tall men’s hats;
  • pointed elongated shoes;
  • stand collar;
  • sharp cuffs;
  • puffy sleeves in frock coats and caftans.

Speaking of black, by the way! This shade began to prevail much later; men did not always dress only in black. Gothic clothing of the past centuries was very elegant and bright; it was dominated by such tones as burgundy, blue, lilac, green, and floral ornaments. It seems that flowers and men are different concepts, but if this is a print on clothes, then just right!

Gothic image: distinctive features

There are too many directions of the Gothic style, but everyone has something that coincides with each other. For example, there are often decorations in the Gothic image (and there are quite a lot of them). It can be black or silver attributes on the arms and neck. To create a complete image, the following materials are often used:

  • leather;
  • net;
  • velvet;
  • silk;
  • vinyl (sometimes).

Color combinations, by and large, are depressing: for example, black with red or white. To further emphasize the gloom and severity, but at the same time make the image catchier.

Gothic men’s clothing can be styled for a specific period. Here you can find tailcoats, pointed hats, lace cuffs, top hats, and much more. Gothic on men looks very elegant and even sexy: brutal attributes, pedantic style, accuracy and perfectionism, rigor and stateliness. The bases of the Gothic men’s wardrobe are:

  • black shirts;
  • leather pants;
  • white, reminiscent of women’s blouses with a frill collar, inherent in romanticism and neo-Gothic;
  • frock coats and raincoats;
  • hats;
  • gloomy make-up: pale face and dark hair.

In general, the image combines mystery and fantasy; just add a little mystical note. Men’s outfits in this style should not cause any negative emotions, because we are not talking about an everyday look. This costume can be worn to a theme party, wedding, birthday, or even a competition.